What changed in ArchMerge 6.1 compared to ArchMerge 6.0

After the launch we listened to many youtube reviews and  read many articles about ArchMerge 6.0. Every piece of information was important and starting from your feed-back and our own work experience we decided to implement things or not.

Libreoffice is one of the applications that was included almost immediately after the launch of 6.0, which missed that office suite. At the time I did not want the iso to become too big and Libreoffice is a big chunk.

Oomox is an application to make themes. Best suited for Openbox but also for other desktop environments.

Samba or sharing folders with others. We will discover other computers over the network.

Laptop users got a better touchpad and battery configurations.

Alias pksyua will update your complete system. Aur included.

Alias mirror will find the fastest servers in your neighborhood.

You have all the logos you will need in ~/.config/conky/images.

You can have a manual menu.xml if you wanted.

A lot of software has been installed. Better read the full list here.

Plank has a lot of themes.   You can use zsh rather than bash.

Two new icons have been installed : Faba and Paper