Nimdow is a new Tiling Window Manager – install it with ATT

Nimdow, a new tiling window manager based on Nim, is ready for release. Users are advised to update their systems and try it out in a virtual machine for safety.

Nimdow, a tiling window manager based on Nim, is announced as ready for release with more themes to be added later.

It’s suggested to test Nimdow in a virtual machine rather than on a primary device for safety. Described as beta by its developer, Nimdow may not be everyone’s first choice compared to other tiling window managers, but it’s an option available for those interested.

Detailed information and documentation about Nimdow can be found on the developer’s GitHub page and wiki.

The ArchLinux Tweak Tool has been updated to include Nimdow, allowing it to be installed alongside any supported desktop or tiling window manager.

Nimdow comes with essential key bindings for various functions such as opening terminals and file managers, closing windows, and logging out, with more configurations available in the `.config/nimdow` directory.

For those looking to uninstall Nimdow, the ArcoLinux Desktop Trasher provides a straightforward method to remove Nimdow and its associated packages without affecting personal configurations in the home directory.

Users are encouraged to try out Nimdow and look forward to future updates and themes for this new tiling window manager.


ArcoLinux has introduced a new option to install a new tiling window manager called Nimdow. It is a development version and requires the ArchLinux Tweak Tool to install.


  • ArcoLinux now offers the Nimdow desktop.
  • To install Nimdow, use the command the ArchLinux Tweak Tool.
  • Nimdow is a tiling window manager with various key bindings.
  • The desktop includes variety to change your wallpapers.
  • Users can participate in testing and developing Nimdow.
  • ArcoLinux invites users to join them in beta testing and development of Nimdow.