Nick Petrov will join the ArchMerge team

Nick has been posting many great screenshots of ArchMergeD. We were very surprised how fast he was producing those great desktop environments you all love and liked so much.

As it is our intention to give you a github for every desktop environment out there FULLY THEMED РFULLY CONFIGURED, we invited Nick to become part of our ArchMerge Team. It will be his assignment to improve the scripts and to streamline them. Make them very user friendly and easy to understand. We did a kickoff with ArchMergeD Budgie. Soon we will have ArchMergeD Gnome to share with you.

We will take a bit longer because we want “to think first and act later“. First we want to come up with better scripts and uniformity throughout. A template if you will for all future desktop environments.

It is our goal to go further than the Arch Wiki.

After the scripts did their work, you will have an “AMD” level of design.

(AMD = ArchMergeD)