Migration from SH3 TO SH2 on seedhost

Change the word bike into ant in the file /etc/pacman.d/arcolinux-mirrorlist.

Sublime-text-4 is the ideal editor to save the file again.

Then you will not see these messages again.

Here is a video about the good news. It means we are getting more popular and we need to grow.
So consider donating to ArcoLinux if ArcoLinux is your main driver these days.

3 days before the bandwidth counter would have been set to zero we ran out of bandwidth.

21 TB bandwidth had been used via the updates and installation of packages.

We have bought a new server and moved from SH3 to SH2.

We move from 20 TB monthly bandwidth to 30 TB monthly bandwidth.

Nothing is free in this world.

We hope that if you like the ArcoLinux project you give us some financial support as well.

Many small donations make up a big sum.