Migrating to a higher performing server

Since January we are working and using seedhost as our main repository and we had only once an issue with a short downtime of the servers.

We are actually quite pleased with the service.

Since our bandwidth in our current service plan (SB6) is almost used up every month (6.5 TB), we have decided to move to a higher service, which will give us again breathing room in regards to the bandwidth.

We will have to pay double for this service – SH3.

Needless to say we are counting on your monthly donations.

Migrating from SB6 to SH3 – what changes

Bandwidth goes up from 6.5 TB to 20 TB – increase of 200%

Disk space goes up from 2 TB to 5 TB – increase of 150%

Since our account needs to be moved physically
from one server to another
there may be some downtime
Seedhost and ArcoLinux will try to keep it to a minimum

update twice in the terminal
you are on the new server

ignore the errors for master.seedhost.eu


update twice