Makeover of all Arcolinux websites Feb 2024

The speaker discusses the periodic redesigns of their website, with the latest overhaul occurring at the beginning of 2024, emphasizing the importance of responsive design to ensure compatibility with devices like iPads, iPhones, and Samsung smartphones.

They highlight the availability of downloads, settings, and the option for users to build their own ISOs from a variety of Linux distributions such as ArcoLinux, Garuda, and Artix.

The project encourages community engagement through testing ISOs before release, with active participants on Discord or forums potentially being invited to become beta testers.

The importance of donations to sustain the project is mentioned, alongside the strategic decision to split the ecosystem across different websites to optimize bandwidth and resource utilization for each site.

The speaker touches on the diverse components of their ecosystem, including various platforms for Linux information, desktop environments, building tools, and a customized installer called Ariser, developed with scripts from a programmer named Pico.

We reflect on the evolution of the project’s website design and functionality over the years, noting the shift towards simplicity and the categorization of content to enhance user experience.

– [00:00] 🌟 The Feb 2024 makeover enhanced the visual appeal and functionality of ArcoLinux websites.
– [02:45] 💻 Splitting the websites into different sites ensures better performance and stability.
– [04:15] 🔄 Comparing past and present designs allows for tracking the evolution of ideas and knowledge.
– [05:30] 🌐 The ecosystem of ArcoLinux, Ariser and Alci and the forum provides a comprehensive platform for users.
– [07:00] 📚 ArcoLinux emphasizes continuous learning and improvement.
– [08:15] 🎨 The new design adds a fresh and enjoyable element to the ArcoLinux experience.