Let us move to the new forum @ archmergeforum.com

We started out with the forum based on fluxbb on https://arcolinux.com/bbs. After using it for a few months we agreed that we should move to a better suited platform to better accommodate our ArchMergers. We were losing a lot of time with spammers and were missing some ‘basic’ functionalities.

We have expanded quite rapidly the last months.

We have bought the following domains

  • archmerge.info for all information related posts – releases etcetera
  • arcolinux.com for all information related to the ArchMerge iso or Xfce, Openbox and i3
  • arcolinuxd.com for all information related to the ArchMergeD iso or ANY deskop environment

That is also due to your generous donations. Thanks for that.

And because of these donations we decided not only to change the platform, which is going to be phpbb but also host the forum on its own domain https://arcolinuxforum.com, which gives us some advantages concerning security and backup.

We want a clean start on this fresh install and we will import nothing from fluxbb.

We – the moderators – will copy-paste the most asked questions and their solutions to the new forum over the coming months as questions come back in.

We hope that this will be our last big change regarding the forum and hope that you will register yourselves there once more.

Basically change your bookmarks

https://arcolinux.com/bbs is no more

https://arcolinuxforum.com is our new forum.

And you are more than welcome to join us.