Thanks to the work we have done in adding more packages for every desktop we can now be more flexible.

You can divide the packages into two categories:

  • desktop essential elements (arcolinux-bspwm, …)
  • non-desktop essential elements (arcolinux-config-bspwm, …)

We now have more flexibility because of the new packages.

Combining desktops has never been so easy.

Time to test that out in the project ArcoLinuxB Xtended.

To extend

  • to stretch out to the fullest
  • to exert (oneself) to full capacity
  • to make available

We would like you to extend your knowledge of Tiling Window Managers.

Tiling Window Managers are a special breed but once you have passed the hurdle you will love them.

Here you can learn how we have created ArcoLinuxB -Xtended