Launch of a new project called ArcoLinuxB Xtended

Thanks to the work we have done in adding more packages for every desktop we can now be more flexible.

You can divide the packages into two categories:

  • desktop essential elements (arcolinux-bspwm, …)
  • non-desktop essential elements (arcolinux-config-bspwm, …)

We now have more flexibility because of the new packages.

Combining desktops has never been so easy.

Time to test that out in the project ArcoLinuxB Xtended.

To extend

  • to stretch out to the fullest
  • to exert (oneself) to full capacity
  • to make available

We would like you to extend your knowledge of Tiling Window Managers.

Tiling Window Managers are a special breed but once you have passed the hurdle you will love them.

Here you can learn how we have created ArcoLinuxB -Xtended