Building ISOs just became 4.000 times more interesting

This text announces significant news regarding the ability to add any package from the Chaotic AUR repository into the build process of ArcoLinuxB ISOs.

ArcoLinuxB, designated for “building,” now offers enhanced flexibility, allowing users to incorporate thousands of packages from the Chaotic AUR, which was not previously possible.

The process involves adjusting a new parameter in the installation scripts to include packages from the Chaotic AUR by setting it to “true” and specifying the desired packages.

This addition opens up a wide range of customization possibilities for ArcoLinuxB ISOs, making it easier for users to include specific packages not available in the Arch Linux or ArcoLinux repositories.

The update simplifies the inclusion of external packages, effectively broadening the potential for personalized ISO builds. The announcement encourages users to leverage this new capability to tailor their ArcoLinuxB ISOs more closely to their needs.