ArcoLinuxD 6.8


Ugrading ArcoLinux or ArcoLinuxD boils down to 2 main actions

  • copy/paste hidden content from /etc/skel to your home directory
  • keep updating with pksyua

And sometimes we create a new package.
Install it with sudo pacman -S arcolinux-new-package
Always check whether it will installed in /etc/skel or not.

ArcoLinuxD will not change much in size over time. The goal is to stay around 1 Gigabyte as size for the ArcoLinuxD iso. It will remain to be a minimal Arch Linux based installation. Then you choose what desktop you would like to have.

It is our vision to give you the means to install ANY desktop environment :

  • ArcoLinuxD – with scripts, build upon ArcoLinuxD iso
  • ArcoLinuxB – with an iso, build upon ArcoLinux iso (more info in June and July)
ArcoLinuxD iso
Iso related changes
We have upgraded the Calamares installer from 3.1.12-4 to 3.1.13-3. We will wait and see how the new calamares 3.2 performs before implementing it.

On the live dvd you can log out and log back in with the user login liveuser and the password empty and take a look at the desktops. In ArcoLinuxD that makes no sense. But in ArcoLinux you can check out openbox and i3.

Because of issues for some people with specific Nvidia graphical cards we do not install xf86-video-nouveau any more on the iso. The issue was that they could not log into Xfce any more. Openbox and i3 worked.

In the background we are creating a new way for you to build an ArcoLinux iso with ANY desktop environment. For this reason we have created separate calamares configurations that we can change at will for the many desktops we will visit.

  • arcolinux-calamares
  • arcolinuxd-calamares

but also

  • arcolinuxb-calamares-xfce
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-openbox
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-i3

We will get more into this in the month of June/July. More info at the bottom of this article.


Added applications
  • arcolinuxd-calamares
Removed applications
  • xf86-video-nouveau
Changed or updated applications
  • none

We have made the following improvements

  • bashrc¬†was updated to include a local .bin folder
Full package list
The full package list of the latest iso can always be found on github at this address :