ArcoLinuxD 6.6

From ArchMergeD to ArcoLinuxD

At the time it seemed not a big task to change names from ArchMerge to ArcoLinux but in retrospect we had quite a big drain in resources because of it. It involves everything till the social media channels, websites etc. But luckily not a financial drain thanks to our partner

We are happy with the new name as it shows we do more then just merge 3 desktops in one iso.

More information about the name change and the vision of ArcoLinux can be found in this article: Archmerge evolves into ArcoLinux.


We did not change the name “Kirk” or the numbering schema. We want all users to know that this is the next ArchMerge version with a different name and a different logo. Behind the scenes many technical things have changed ofcourse.


We recommend you to do a clean installation for ArcoLinuxD. We have changed quite some elements (configs, githubs, …) and want to spare you (and us) the frustration when upgrading from ArchMergeD to ArcoLinuxD.


After the clean installation of ArcoLinuxD you can expect again a rolling release with updates coming in via the new ArcoLinux repo and from all the new ArcoLinux packages.

Most of the packages in Linux come from some kind of collaboration platform. Github is just one of them.

ArcoLinux shares all its files and settings on github.

So you can always check there what changed if you are interested.

We had already a lot of githubs in ArchMerge but making all these ArcoLinuxD environments we felt we needed more granularity or detail in our packages. This was a great time to do just that and consequently we needed to change all 8 desktop environments on That was also a large investment of time and resources. We trust it will be better in the future for our users. You can now hand-pick what settings you want to import.

ArcoLinux-iso-skel is now replaced by 9 githubs.

  • arcolinux-config
  • arcolinux-neofetch
  • arcolinux-variety
  • arcolinux-local
  • arcolinux-nitrogen
  • arcolinux-geany
  • arcolinux-plank
  • arcolinux-tint2
  • arcolinux-rofi

  • fix for double linux word at bootup
  • BYOI – improvement in the scripts
  • New alias : unlock=sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck


  • trizen
  • asciinema – terminal support for users of ArcoLinuxD



  • intel-ucode is removed from iso as it needs to be installed by the user like polybar.
Many articles and video tutorials have been created for the windows tiling manager Awesome.

All articles can be found on