Guake dropdown on Gnome on F12

Xfce4-terminal on F12 on Cinnamon


Qtile dropdown for xfce4-terminal


Less is more

ArcoLinuxB isos are NOT affected with the less is more idea we have done on ArcoLinux.
Less icons and less themes.

We have the notion there to have either

  • Full iso
  • Minimal iso
  • Bare iso



Plasma development

We took a hard look at Plasma and changed the theme and icon theme apart from many other settings hidden away in the settings application.

The numeric keypad is now standard on.

We have 6 virtual desktops.

More keyboard shortcuts to move from desktop to desktop.


Xtended i3 polybar menu

With 6 tiling window managers we have polybar and its configuration on board on the ArcoLinuxB Xtended.

We provide you with an extra config file where polybar is set as polybar.

Switch between config and config-polybar by simply renaming them.

Xtended openbox menu

When working on Openbox and polybar and dual screen I needed to restart polybar to get the polybar on my second screen.

I created a menu to do just that.


Herbstluftwm keyboard shortcut

Double use of reloading keys of sxhkd – one key in sxhkd.conf

Standard wallpaper

We have tried to standardize the use of the standard wallpaper across all desktop systems.

Standard reference is /usr/share/backgrounds/arcolinux/arco-wallpaper.jgp.

In the future we change that wallpaper and all isos will take over the new wallpaper.


Renaming of packages – consistency

Renaming of repository packages

Old Name New Name
arcolinux-config-xmobar-git arcolinux-xmobar-git
arcolinux-openbox-configs-git arcolinux-openbox-git


More configuration packages for current and future desktops

We are talking about packages that will add configs and settings inside your future .config folder

  • arcolinux-config-awesome-git
  • arcolinux-config-bspwm-git
  • arcolinux-config-dwm-git
  • arcolinux-config-enlightenment-git
  • arcolinux-config-herbstluftwm-git
  • arcolinux-config-i3-git
  • arcolinux-config-jwm-git
  • arcolinux-config-openbox-git
  • arcolinux-config-qtile-git
  • arcolinux-config-xfce-git

As a result all ArcoLinux, ArcoLinuxD and ArcoLinuxB scripts need to change.


Jump in calamares version from 3.2.10 to 3.2.15

Thanks to the great support of the Calamares team and Adriaan in particular we can now use the calamares application to get our vmlinux-linux kernel on the iso. This extra functionality is there for any Arch Linux distro out there.

The unpack module of Calamares has been changed so that ArcoLinux can use it to get the linux kernel at the right place, at the right time with the right name.

Changing calamares and its configuration has a huge impact (read workload) on ArcoLinux. At least 34 packages get changed by it.

Want to read more about this Calamares release and the previous ones?

Applications that have been added

  • ttf-hack

Applications that have been dropped

  • terminus-font
  • temps
  • font-manager
  • xterm


xfce4-terminal as dropdown on XFCE4

F12 is the keyboard shortcut that sets this terminal.


Change from base group to base meta-package

Following packages are no longer installed

  • dhpcd
  • jfsutils
  • python-attrs
  • reiserfsprogs
  • s-nail



We have added CTRL + ALT + PageDown and PageUp to rotate the conkies on Deepin now. Mind the skel alias! Keep your configs save.


Budgie and Gnome shared the same config package as they rely on each other.

We have split the config in 2 packages

  • arcolinux-config-gnome-git
  • arcolinux-config-budgie-git

To keep rolling on Budgie you must unstall arcolinux-config-gnome-git with

sudo pacman -R arcolinux-config-gnome-git

and install this one

sudo pacman -S arcolinux-config-budgie-git

Then do a skel to get the new date in your home directory and restart your engine or logout.

But there is a catch – the dconf file.

We explain it in the video.


Herbstluftwm has been been created and build.

Scripts for ArcoLinuxD and scripts for ArcoLinuxB Herbstluftwm have been created.

Next up is tutorials.


ArcoLinuxB is intended to be build by the end-user

We urge you to build your isos yourself via the tutorials on https://arcolinuxb.com and make the iso the way you want it.

If you want to download, you can download the version of

July 2019 and update the system after reboot

ArcoLinuxB Beta Editions 2019-2

ArcoLinuxB Beta Editions 2019-1

ArcoLinuxB Beta Editions 2018