Following the ArcoLinux iso changes in permission on folders for the live dvd.

Arcolinuxb Gnome and budgie

Both of them had azerty as standard keyboard even if you selected qwerty in the installer.

We found the setting in the dconf and corrected it.



ArcoLinuxB is build on ArcoLinux. Since there were quite a few changes we had to change the packages list to include two new packages. All other changes of ArcoLinux apply here too.

  • arcolinux-system-config
  • arcolinux-system-installation

Furthermore all the arcolinuxb-calamares applications needed to be updated and test for the 2 new packages. ArcoLinux-system-installation needs to be uninstalled after installation of ArcoLinux.



The following desktops get a revised packages list for installation (calamares improvement, video drivers, touchscreen etc – same as other desktops, which have already a minimal version)

  • budgie
  • cinnamon
  • deepin
  • gnome

This will be the basis to create the next step a minimal version.

Arcolinuxb gnome and budgie

We finally found the hidden setting for these two desktops to have Azerty after setting Qwerty in Calamares. It was in the dconf file as we had thought. We found the setting.


UPDATE Arch Linux updates:

We follow the numbering of ArcoLinux. Any ArcoLinuxB, you build yourself, will be build upon this version of ArcoLinux and all its packages. More info on the ArcoLinux Beta page.

Arcolinuxb minimal

We created ArcoLinuxB Mate Minimal and also ArcoLinuxB Awesome Minimal.

7 minimal versions in total


PAckage Improvements:

  • added .bashrc-latest to arcolinux-config-plasma-git (new aliases in this file)
  • termite does not support geometry – used in system overview

Calamares – geoip

Calamares, our graphical installer, will show again in what country you are located on the world map, if you are connected to the internet.


ISO Improvements:

Calamares reverted back to initial setting after trying settings to help out people behind a proxy.



Only people, who want to keep rolling (so no clean install), need to do this and only if you want to have your submicron wallpapers back. If you want to build isos it is also mandatory to do this.

Since more and more people are building their own iso on the basis of the packages on github, we would like to be able to add even more mirror sites/urls to your system in the future.

We have created a new package called arcolinux-mirrorlist-git just for that reason.

Read the rest in the ArcoLinux article.

All ArcoLinuxB githubs have the package arcolinux-mirrorlist-git added to the packages list.



ArcoLinuxB Minimal project has driven us forward to inspect the content of our iso.

The what-if was :

What can we throw overboard and still have a functional system.

We wanted just a few applications per category. One browser for example.

Remember our choice is not important. In the BYOI project you edit a file and build an iso.

Needless to say that we encountered lots of issues and challenges.

We created these 5 new isos

  • ArcoLinuxB Xfce Minimal
  • ArcoLinuxB Openbox Minimal
  • ArcoLinuxB i3 Minimal
  • ArcoLinuxB Bspwm Minimal
  • ArcoLinuxB Plasma Minimal

As a result we took also a look at the current isos as well. These have been update with what we learned from this minimal project

  • ArcoLinuxB Xfce
  • ArcoLinuxB Openbox
  • ArcoLInuxB i3
  • ArcoLinuxB Bspwm
  • ArcoLinuxB Plasma

But that resulted in applying the knowledge back into an update for

  • ArcoLinux
  • ArcoLinuxD

As a result we have now 12 new/updated isos to test and follow-up.

The desktop environments that have no minimal desktop variant still have the packages file from 18.9.

On the page about the beta version of ArcoLinux we go into the details.

ArcoLinuxB Xfce Minimal
ArcoLinuxB openbox Minimal
ArcoLinuxB i3 Minimal
ArcoLinuxB Bspwm Minimal
ArcoLinuxB PLASMA Minimal


  • ArcoLinux, ArcoLinuxD and ArcoLinuxB building script will move the iso to your home directory in either
    • ArcoLinux-Out
    • ArcoLinuxD-Out
    • ArcoLinuxB-Out
  • icon browser application is hidden in Xfce  aka yad-icon-browser
  • volume icon application is hidden in Xfce (for Openbox and i3)
  • icon of electron is hidden in Xfce

Removed Packages:

Testing on ArcoLinuxB Xfce

  • qt5-tools
  • cmake
  • kwidgetsaddons
  • extra-cmake-modules
  • kpmcore

ArcoLinuxB Xfce Minimal

ArcoLinuxB Openbox Minimal


NEW Packages:

  • arcolinux-obmenu-generator-minimal


All ArcoLinuxB isos have been rebuild on the basis of all the enhancements on the ArcoLinux iso and ArcoLinux packages.

ArcoLinuxB Plasma gets a nicer look on the live-dvd.



Since ArcoLinuxB is based on ArcoLinux iso – all the improvements are also in the ArcoLinuxB versions. (more info in the ArcoLinux Beta article)

ArcoLinuxB scripts were rewritten to give more information and to be as efficient as possible.

Primary objective was to automate the building of the 11 isos without human interaction.

There is no need anymore to say three times yes during the installation in script 30. This halted the build on  every single iso.

We can now make 11 isos in 2 hours time in one go.

NEW Packages:

Updated Packages:

  • none


Removed Packages:

  • yaourt is on borrowed time and will fade out. Yay will be the future helper together with trizen.


New calamares installer

NEW Packages:

  • ktorrent added in ArcoLinuxB Plasma

Updated Packages:

arcolinux-config-plasma for the new calamares installer


Removed Packages:

  • transmission gone from ArcoLinuxB Plasma

made new images for all the ArcoLinuxB Calamares configurations – improving calamares with lesser applications in packages.both if possible

New calamares greeter for all ArcoLinuxB editions

Example Cinnamon

6.8.4 ArcoLinuxB Plasma

made sure arcolinux-calamares configuration is gone after installation

gkpg will not pop-up on the livecd anymore

Installed applications:

We are using the latest version of Calamares 3.2.0.

Uninstalled applications:

All ArcoLinux gtk themes are OFF LIMITS. They will not work.

New calamares configurations for ArcolinuxB-Plasma

We use ArcoLinux iso to make our ArcoLinuxB iso. To give the ArcoLinuxB isos a personal touch we give them a separate calamares configuration.

Xfce is used as the delivery system to install the desktops.

It is only after installation that you will be able to see the chosen desktop.

Reasons are obvious : maintainability and continuity.

Installed applications:

For the project ArcoLinuxB we created several new packages so that we do not interfere with the configuration of ArcoLinux.

  • arcolinux-config-gnome-git
  • arcolinux-config-plasma-git
  • arcolinux-config-cinnamon-git
  • arcolinux-oblogout-awesome
  • arcolinux-oblogout-bspwm

and all calamares packages that come with it to give it a personal touch.

  • arcolinuxb-calamares-awesome-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-bspwm-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-budgie-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-cinnamon-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-deepin-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-gnome-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-i3-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-mate-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-openbox-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-plasma-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-xfce

ArcoLinuxB Beta Editions 2019-1

ArcoLinuxB Beta Editions 2018