ArcoLinux v23.12



Two desktops got a veto for release:

  • Cutefish – menu crashes
  • Ukui – no borders around windows

All isos will be released

DK – a new tiling window manager

DK is a Tiling Window Manager.

Written by Nate Maia –

You can install it via:

  • ArcoLinuxD scripts
  • ArcoLinuxB iso
  • ArchLinux Tweak Tool or ATT
  • Calamares

A list based tiling window manager in the vein of dwm, bspwm, and xmonad.

Some basics:

  • Fully scriptable.
  • Dynamic workspaces.
  • More dynamic tile layout.
  • Gaps, fancy borders, extra layouts and more.
  • Better support for mouse and floating windows.
  • Startup script for configuration and running programs.
  • Status info is output to a file for use in bars or scripts.
  • No built-in extras (bar, font drawing, or key bindings).
  • Sane support for icccm, ewmh, and motif.

You can already see several videos about DK in this Youtube playlist.

ArcoLinux desktop trasher

Since we have a new desktop Dk to install via ATT we can now remove it via ADT.


Installing all 42 isos we noticed the super + d showing a Rofi menu was not present on Openbox.

As we missed it, we replaced super + d (minimize windows) with the Rofi menu.

Pamac is out for now – octopi is in

Because of the issues around appstream we wait for a definitive solution to be able to use pamac again.

In the meantime let us evaluate octopi and its octopi notifier.

We might like it.


Use our tool to install software or remove software.

We added octopi-notifier-qt5 to the list.

We will put octopi and its notifier on ALL OUR ISOS except ArcoLinuxD. That is a bare and minimal iso.

Each time we update our Calamares configurations we create a new Sofirem release.

So whatever you forgot installing in Calamares can be installed later with Sofirem.


We added this package to all XS isos (part of the core isos). During build of mkinitcpio you may see warnings. These are now gone because of this package.

ArcoLinuxD and ArcoLinuxB isos are created to be minimalistic and at this moment in time we have not included this package.


The update of this package shows us now a message without any repercussions.

We adapt our script again because consolefont does not cause issues now.

Remove “sd-vconsole” from your /etc/mkinitcpio.conf if you do not want to see this message.

Script is in the stayrolling folder in ~/.bin if you do a skel.


Hyfetch is a utility tool like neofetch or screenfetch.

We have added it to the XL iso and to the ArchLinux Tweak Tool or ATT.

We have added hyfetch to the configuration of bash, zsh and fish.

We also used the opportunity to explain the workflow of putting a package online if you want to become an isobuilder and create your own distro.




We are using the last code from the github of Calamares – 17/11/2023.

We removed the dependency of appstream in the pkgbuild because of name change to appstream-qt5.
Both will be on the iso by default and we evaluate next month.


We definitely want a dark Pamac so we keep using this particular package to ensure that we can change our themes ‘the old way’ – read the easy way.

plasma5 renaming

Many plasma packages were renamed. The bulk of the AUR packages out there have been renamed but not all of them.
So remember that when building something from AUR.

More detailed information can be found in the
beta links in the menu
and of course in the commits
On github.