ArcoLinux v23.11

November release
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Earlier release
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DK – a new tiling window manager

DK is a Tiling Window Manager.

Written by Nate Maia –

It is still very much in beta stage but coming to you this year as

  • ArcoLinuxD scripts
  • ArcoLinuxB iso
  • ArchLinux Tweak Tool or ATT

A list based tiling window manager in the vein of dwm, bspwm, and xmonad.

Some basics:

  • Fully scriptable.
  • Dynamic workspaces.
  • More dynamic tile layout.
  • Gaps, fancy borders, extra layouts and more.
  • Better support for mouse and floating windows.
  • Startup script for configuration and running programs.
  • Status info is output to a file for use in bars or scripts.
  • No built-in extras (bar, font drawing, or key bindings).
  • Sane support for icccm, ewmh, and motif.

arcolinux-pamac-all update

The new Pamac release from Manjaro is following the theme of Gnome. Hence we got a white Pamac as you can see underneath.

We waited for a few weeks to see if there would be a dark theme for the app.

We decided not to wait any longer and change the /etc/environment file to have a dark Pamac.


New alias available to quickly edit /etc/environment.

alias nenvironment=’sudo nano /etc/environment’

More detailed information can be found in the
beta links in the menu
and of course in the commits
On github.