ArcoLinux v23.03


Since August 2022 there has not been a stable release for Calamares 3.2. We decided to move to the new branch 3.3.
After dozens of installations without any issue we decided to use the new code.

The bug concerning F2FS is fixed now so we have included it again in the formatting choices in Calamares.

Use Ariser to create your own personal iso

Educational project “Area”

How to put your personal configuration on the ArcoLinux iso

Start with a clean install on a virtual machine.

Make a copy/paste of .config and .local.

Rice your system the way you like and use meld to know what files and folders have changed.
Use that information to make your own ricing.

Use the alias “personal” to copy/paste the content of your /personal folder to your home directory.

Build any ArcoLinuxB iso with lts or zen or xanmod kernel


I want to build an ArcoLinuxB iso so that I can boot up with either the

  • lts
  • zen
  • xanmod


Focusing on Encryption

Here we are testing the different isos as a user and start timing the boot up sequence.

We compare

  • Arch Linux
  • Ariser
  • ArcoLinux

Overall the seconds are more or less the same.

Ariser and Arch Linux have luks 2 and ArcoLinux has luks 1.



More detailed information can be found in theĀ 
beta links in the menu
and of course in the commits
On github.