ArcoLinux v22.06

Arch Linux







How to install ArcoLinux packages on anything arch based

We want to develop applications that we can take with us on any Arch Linux based system.

IT is all Arch Linux

We just want to do :

sudo pacman -S ...

We want our ArcoLinux repos to be available on any Arch Linux based system.

The ArcoLInux Spices Application (ASA) will take care of that. Only for those not on ArcoLinux.
The ArcoLinux nemesis script can take care of that. Check out the oneliners on the github.

42 ways to install Arch Linux


We want to develop an application that we can take with us on any Arch Linux based system.

Many tabs have been changed under the hood.

The Fish tab is a new tab and can be used on all 7 isos.

IT is all Arch Linux



We want to develop an application that we can take with us on any Arch Linux based system.

IT is all Arch Linux

Adding the possibility to use other locking apps.

Default is betterlockscreen but now you can use anything e.g. slock from


First time users see immediately where they need to go to install software.

ArchLinux Tweak Tool is a super interesting app and it is immediately available at boot time.

New ATT button and new text to explain the difference between Telegram and Discord.

We had a poll of sorts asking our users what to do.

Keep the advanced installation or remove it?

The majority of users wanted to keep the Advanced option.

The deal we make with you is :

if advanced installation fails – use the easy installation

Leftwm on EndeavourOS

We developed a Leftwm theme we can take with us to EndeavourOS and maybe become part of the community editions.

IT is all Arch Linux

How to build your own iso – Xfce4 – Leftwm

We have added one more tutorial to the ArcoLinuxB website.

B stands for building.

After working for some time on ArcoLinux you may have the desire to

build your own iso containing the right desktops and the right packages.

Skel was an alias and is now a script

We have created a script from our alias “skel”.

We give you much more info about the functionality and you decide whether you press “y”.

More info on this article.


We got in touch with the developer to improve the pace application.

If people use ‘rate-mirrors’ the app was unable to cope with all the hashtags in the beginning.

That is solved now. Thanks for your effort Andrés Fernández.

Pace is now part of ArchLinux Tweak Tool.

search the right way on youtube



r8168-dkms package has been removed from the iso.


We are using Calamares version 3.2.57.

Implementing new files from Archiso 63-2

Adding everything except systemd files

Adding systemd files for Qemu and Vmware.

To DO  ArchLinux Tweak Tool

what is new

How to stay rolling

We have dedicated an article to this particular topic since it is probably FAQ number 1.

How to update any ArcoLinux or how to stay rolling

geoip service is Working again
Future will tell us for how long

More detailed information can be found in the 
beta links in the menu
and of course in the commits
On github.