ArcoLinux v22.03



In the beginning we only rebuild Plasma with the latest Calamares version a.k.a. v3.2.53 because of the incompatibility between the automount service and Calamares in the latest Plasma version.

Later we decided to build all the core isos – XL – XS – XS-LTS and D as well and give them also the Calamares version v2.3.53.

That is why you will see two versions of these. We kept the v22.03.07 isos as well.

All the other B isos will have Calamares v3.2.52 and number v22.03.07.

Bottomline: Calamares is the major difference between 07 and 08

Calamares has now more packages to select

Many packages have been added to the repo and to the Calamares installer.


  • obsidian-icon-theme
  • la-capitaine-icon-theme-git
  • we10x-icon-theme-git
  • vimix-icon-theme-git
  • whitesur-icon-theme-git
  • oranchelo-icon-theme-git
  • flat-remix-git
  • multimc-git
  • xsnow-bin
  • waydroid
  • wacom-utility
  • wacom-settings-git
  • realvnc-vnc-viewer
  • realvnc-vnc-server
  • olivia
  • nvflash
  • linux-wifi-hotspot
  • lightdm-webkit-theme-aether
  • lightdm-webkit2-theme-reactive
  • layan-kde-git
  • layan-gtk-theme-git
  • layan-cursor-theme-git
  • jdownloader2
  • gdown
  • gummy
  • btrfs-du
  • btrfs-maintenance-git
  • btrfs-maintenance
  • btrfs-assisant-git
  • btrfs-assistant
  • snap-pac-git
  • refind-btrfs
  • snapper-support
  • snapper-gui-git
  • hardinfo-gtk3 (previously hardinfo)
  • flavours
  • sparklines-git
  • envycontrol
  • fragments
  • persepolis
  • onboard
  • florence
  • graphite-gtk-theme-git
  • jamesdsp
  • jamesdsp-pulse
  • pace
  • noisetorch
  • linux-wifi-hotspot
  • gsmartcontrol

New module has been added.

Preservefiles will keep the Calamares log and save it to your system.

Calamares – selecting packages has consequences

In this video we respond questions like these:



All that is required is more knowledge of Arch Linux and ArcoLinux.

Do not choose sweet-kde-theme-mars-git unless you are on Plasma

It will install the complete Plasma desktop


Calamares – BTRFS

BTRFS has always been possible on ArcoLinux.

We followed the default settings of Calamares.

Now we make our own choice regarding the subvolumes.

Starting from this release we choose two ways of making snapshots:

  1. timeshift
  2. snapper

Both selections are possible during the installer.

More information can be found in this tutorial.


Select the btrfs filesystem and choose either all Timeshift packages or all Snapper packages.

Change the BTRFS settings (or any other) on the fly in Calamares


Discovering and learning new implementations is always done first on ARCH LINUX.

Then we implement them with Calamares.

Many tutorials have been written for Phase 7.

How to install Arch Linux the Arch way and use btrfs as filesystem.


Now we can add our personal repo to any ArcoLinux iso containing our own personal packages.

It all started with the creation of an icon theme


We created a series of videos.

How to create a new icon theme combining elements from others?

How to create a github to host it?

How to install the theme manually?

How to install the theme automatically with a script?

How to create a pkgbuild and build a package?

How to create a personal repo and put our package on it?

How to create more icon themes and pkgbuilds and put them on the personal repo?

How to build ANY package from AUR and put it on the personal repo?

How to add your custom repo in /etc/pacman.conf via scripts?

Bottom-line : you do not need us to create packages – take control

PKGBUILD tutorials

If you want to use a personal repository, you can

  1. build packages from AUR (yay, paru, …) and copy/paste them to the repo
  2. learn about PKGBUILDs – how to create packages

Add your own repository to our ArcoLinux isos – any of them

Bottom-line : take control what comes on your iso

AA iso

We have created a new iso for AA and checked if the code from the ALIS project had changed.

Workflow video.



We use Calamares 3.2.52 now.

We have updated both projects and made tutorials on how to maintain/update your iso.

We have added a new module called preservefiles to the Calamares installer. This module will copy/paste the Calamares log and json file to /var/log/.

It helps to analyze Calamares and help the user.

Read about the changes on

Often I will explain the process ONCE.
Whether I do the work on Carli or ALCI – it is the same thing all over again.


We have updated to Calamares v3.2.52 and added the nemesis_repo to the list. 

SigLevel = Optional TrustedOnly
Server =$repo/$arch

 No packages have been added to the list.

Remember this command to see what packages are on a repo

sudo pacman -Syl nemesis_repo


Papirus Dark Tela

Create your own icon theme and put it on your personal repo.

It is not difficult to combine icon themes and as a result have your own personal look.

Bottom-line : take control of your icon themes

Surfn Vimix Black

New icon theme created with the combo of the folders from Vimix.

Surfn Tela – new icon theme

We combined our Surfn icons for the apps with the places icons from Tela-circle-dark to have a new theme.


We created a package to ensure all applications have an icon.

There is nothing more annoying than a 99% success rate.

We want all apps to have an icon.

Surfn icons are the fallback theme.

If you remove it again, all changes will be reverted.



You can easily add the nemesis_repo (from Erik Dubois) to your /etc/pacman.conf with the click of a button in the ATT.

lightdm slickgreeter

A while ago we created a script to install and activate Slickgreeter.

We have added a button to the ArcoLinux Tweak Tool or ATT to run the script.

General improvements

Development of Berry and Worm

When the desktops get more mature we can add them.


Arch Linux is using a new /etc/nsswitch.conf.

We have chosen to change some variables.

More info on the Arch wiki.

ARCH LINUX systemd-boot

Thanks to the project AA – combining Arch Linux and ALIS scripts – we look over the fence and try to broaden our scope.

After learning about Grub and rEFInd we have now the knowledge to boot up with systemd-boot on Arch Linux.

MPD NCMPCPP – updated

The script to install mpd and ncmpcpp has been updated once more.

Many tutorials have been created on Youtube.

Article can be found on and on

Arcolinux = Arch Linux = ArcoLinux

Many people do not understand that Arch Linux and ArcoLinux are basically the same thing.

In 6 videos we show you how easy it is to start with an Arch Linux iso and arrive at the look and feel of ArcoLinux.

It boils down to knowledge, time and choices.

What packages to choose?

Choices, choices choices.

This is particularly interesting for people who can not install ArcoLinux because of an issue with Calamares.

Is there a way to install ArcoLinux without Calamares?


We have added envycontrol to our repo.

Use it if you need it.

LEFTWM – new themes



40 ways to install ArcoLinux/ArchLinux

Virtual box service check

The service to check on what virtual machine you are is now moved to the ArcoLinux installation package.

It will not be on your future system anymore.

Renaming and streamlining other services like the service to remove nvidia if not needed.


If VirtualBox was set to UEFI boot – any Arch Linux iso would not see the standard UEFI boot up lines.


We saw some images from users who could not boot up. The last line was TLP.

Either tlp was stuck or the service behind it was. We can not be sure but…

We keep the application but do not enable it.

sudo systemctl enable tlp

and all laptop users have it back.

Youtube keep up to date with last videos


what is new

How to stay rolling

We have dedicated an article to this particular topic since it is probably FAQ number 1.

How to update any ArcoLinux or how to stay rolling

geoip service is Working again
Future will tell us for how long

More detailed information can be found in the 
beta links in the menu
and of course in the commits
On github.