What is aaG

AAG stands for ArcoLinux Auditing group

When is AAG

every second week on BIMONTHLY basis

Where is AAG

Who is AAG member



AAG is the response on your demand.

ArcoLinux users have asked to get access to the beta versions of ArcoLinux.
Only Betatesters get access to those.

You will get access to the ready-to-be-released isos.

  • give a broader public access to the isos that will be released is our response to the demand of users
  • more testing on more hardware
  • more involvement from users
  • more feed-back of users via Discord
  • ability to withhold ISOs, if AAG members find a severe issue
  • you want to test but not every month and not all desktops
  • anyone can download
  • you want to test the iso but not as a betatester

Becoming a betatester is expecting a lot of commitment during the first week of every other month. Installing and re-installing 2 or 3 times a day is not uncommon during a heavy testing week. We have lots of isos to test.

Joining AAG does not require any commitment on your part.

You decide if and when you want to test the iso(s).

The only thing we ask is that you give us feedback on Discord on the ArcoLinux channel #arcolinux-auditing-group.

The positive, the neutral and the negative have a place there.


That is the added-value for us – your feedback.



First week of every other month

We build the isos – we test them and improve them together with the beta-testers

Second week of every other month

We upload the ISOs in the AAG folder on seedhost

Middle of every other month

Official release of the isos