The ArcoLinux Spices Application or ASA will assist you in getting ArcoLinux packages from the ArcoLinux repositories.

It will install the latest ArcoLinux .bashrc and replace yours with it.

It will install all packages we use in the .bashrc.

It will import the ArcoLinux signing key.

It can fix issues with server connections hosting the keys.

It will improve makepkg.conf – use all cores during building and use zst as extension.

You can install polkit and polkit-gnome with it.

Download the package with a browser when in a graphical environment and install it with this command:

sudo pacman -U packagename

Or download the tar.gz from github, extract and run the scripts in there if you are still in TTY.

Extract using tar.

tar -xvf ...package-version

Or you git clone the spices github.

git clone

and navigate to the scripts folder.

The scripts are numbered and follow the sequence of the app.

You can find many videos on Youtube where we use the ArcoLinux Spices Application to theme our Arch Linux system.

Type spices in the ArcoLinux Youtube channel to find more examples.

Here is one example.