ArcoLinux releases ArcoLinuxB Plasma 6

By default there is no ricing at all – no ArcoLinux Plasma configurations at all

Download it from AAG and give us feed-back.

There are packages on board to do at least some ricing.

Let us provide you with the list of tips from the video.

Install on real metal by preference to get the best impression

Wayland by default

X11 is available in SDDM.

Use the easy installation to install Plasma

There is no ricing of ArcoLinux Plasma at all. We have installed ricing packages but they are not applied. Ricing will only start once the dust settles and Plasma 6 becomes more and more stable.

We will keep the ArcoLinuxB look pristine in the future. The look will always be the one from the default Plasma. We will create packages for you to install after a clean install.

Install one application at a time and evaluate if it works on Wayland Plasma.

We check what applications are installed on this ISO.

This is the most lean and pristine Plasma setup we have ever made

We get nice wallpapers in with “var”. Use variety and wallhaven to get nice wallpapers in.

We rice Plasma with the packages we have by default on the ISO.

We go over some settings that may ‘annoy’ us.

  • num keypad
  • energy settings

There are no ArcoLinux keybindings present – you will have to make them yourself.

If you do decide to install via Advanced installation then do not select Plasma in the desktop tab. You will get all the applications in for example all the kde games if you do not unselect them one by one.

Sofirem will come on all our ISOs. 

Going via Advanced installation – watch out

In the example below you will install tons of software.

Selecting “Desktop: Plasma” on the Desktop tab will install everything that is underneath. Open up your selection and see if you want them all.

Only select what you want.

With Plasma being in transition we advice you strongly to do an easy installation first and see already what you get out of the box. ArcoLinux works via the WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get principle.

You can always decide to install more.

What you click - you will get

Use VirtualBox to test out the new ArcoLinuxB Plasma 6 iso

Use qemu to test out the new ArcoLinuxB Plasma 6 iso