ArcoLinux releases a new desktop : LXQt

On the website of LXQt and the Arch wiki we can inform ourselves about this desktop.

A lightweight desktop is how the developers describe the desktop and we have to admit that is the case.

Lightweight and responsive desktop with all the necessary configuration tools

That is how we would describe it.

It was fun to develop ArcoLinux LXQt and I would like to thanks the developers for their quick reponse on things I had to figure out in LXQt. It only goes to show the desktop is in full development.

If you want to know how LXQt came to be and what the relation is to LXDE you can read their about page.

ArcoLinux has decided NOT to develop LXDE and stick to LXQt and its development team.

“Even though some people often confuse LXQt as a rewrite of LXDE in Qt, this is not true.”

This is how the history page on github starts – worth the read.

And if you like to read some more – I have checked the wiki page.