ArcoLinux -D -B 21.03

Major changes
Choose filesystem


no xf86-video-intel or … on iso
select drivers in Calamares if needed
first try without drivers
sDDM as default on iso

Someone reported on the forum that REMOVING xf86-video-intel made the system boot up again. We created therefore the next version for March to exclude that package. So far the results are promising. All installations were succesful  without the package. If you see the graphics are not perfect on your intel graphics card install the package and you will be fine.

At the same time we took a look at xfce and thunar packages. Some isos will no longer include them by default. You will have to select them during the installation process in Calamares.


sddm does not crash if you install a wrong driver (xf86-video-intel)

Besides  the obvious package change we had to rewrite the script to build our iso.

Packages that are out:

  • lightdm
  • arcolinux-lightdm-gtk-greeter (will phase out of existence)
  • arcolinux-lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings (will phase out of existence)

Packages that are in:

  • sddm
  • arcolinux-sddm-sugar-candy-git (default greeter)

By default SDDM is the display manager.

all 21 desktops will be displayed with this theme – sugar-candy



SDDM is our standard display manager now.

On Plasma we can change SDDM with the Plasma settings. The other 20 desktops will use a new application.

We have added the application sddm-config-editor-git to all isos except the Plasma iso.

We changed the look via kvantum settings.


We have adapted the theme for ArcoLinux.


We have adapted the theme for ArcoLinux.


We have adapted the theme for ArcoLinux.


We have adapted the theme for ArcoLinux.

arcolinux-sddm-theme-git becomes arcolinux-sddm-fralonra-git

The original theme we used to try out SDDM has changed name. At the same time we have changed its background image.

All credits to Fralonra.


Our standard theme will no longer display the characters when typing the password.


We have adapted the theme for ArcoLinux.

ArcoLinux Calamares Tool

We had the idea to create a GUI to quickly change settings in Calamares during the live environment.

We can now change the standard filesystem ext4 file system with a simple dropdown.

See choices in the image below.

There is NO NEED TO GO THROUGH the manual partitioning to choose the format

Only ArcoLinux flagship (Xfce, Openbox and i3) and ArcoLinuxD have the new ArcoLinux Calamares Tool on board.
Next time we will roll it out on all the ArcoLinuxB isos.

You have 40 possible configurations now

ArcoLinux Tweak Tool makes a backup

The ATT will now make a backup of your ~/.config folder before installing other desktops.

ATT needs to overwrite files to be able to boot into the newly installed desktop.

The backups name has the letters ATT in the folder’s name.

ARCOLINUX Tweak Tool has a new repository

We have added the Chaotic Aur repo to the ATT.

Use it with care.

We added the keyring and the mirrorlist as dependencies to avoid issues when using the repository.

Because of this extra repo you will have access to packages from Garuda.

Again use with care.

See what packages are built on an hourly or daily basis.

Check the pages here.

Or use pamac to see what is in the repository.

Re-using an old package arcolinux-systemd-services for pacman-init.service

We want to be able to edit the pacman-init.service and add keys on the fly.

We are repurposing this old package that we were not using anymore.

Arch Linux keys, ArcoLinux keys and Chaotic key will be loaded that way.

IF you want to stay rolling we have given you a script to replace the old files with the new ones.
You will find it in ~/.bin/stay-rolling/2021/21.01-21.03/.

Afterwards you will have zero issues with the Chaotic repository key.

200+ kernels to test out


We have a new server where we make a backup from what is on Seedhost.

You can now download our isos and our packages from that location.

We have updated our arcolinux-mirrorlist accordingly.



Gufw and Timeshift were no longer opening.

Open as root for Thunar back to pkexec after fixing the polkit issue with Gufw and Timeshift. 


New version of Calamares 3.2.37 is now in use.

bibata cursor

Because of build failures we moved to the bibata-cursor-theme-bin packages rather than bibata-cursor-theme package. 

alias tolightdm and alias tosddm

We created two new aliases called:


Since we are making the switch from lightdm to sddm we provide you with an easy alias to quickly switch back and forth.
Beware the xf86-video-intel driver in this regard.

alias nsddm

We created a new alias called:


It will launch nano and open up /etc/sddm.conf.

Here we can change our theme name and cursor name.

mirrorx and mirrorxx

We have added an ‘experimental’ alias to your .bashrc. It just means we will be changing it over time.

Everyone wants a fast download from the Arch Linux servers. Our ArcoLinux Welcome app uses the same config at the moment.

alias mirrorx='sudo reflector --age 6 --latest 20 --fastest 20 --threads 5 --sort rate --protocol https --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist'
alias mirrorxx='sudo reflector --age 6 --latest 20  --fastest 20 --threads 20 --sort rate --protocol https --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist'

Open THunar as root on Dolphin/Plasma

Sardi Surfn icon update

We keep updating our icons at least on a monthly cycle. Icons that are missing will be updated.

Jwm and other desktops

We were no longer able to logout of JWM because Arch Linux changed the content of this variable DESKTOP_XSESSION.

ArcoLinux-Logout application has been changed. We are able to logout again.

ALCi or Arch Linux Calamares Installer

Put Calamares on the Arch Linux iso
and keep as close as possible
to the original Arch Linux iso.

That is basically the goal of ALCI.


“what is new” VIDEO

“How to stay rolling” VIDEO

We have dedicated an article to this particular topic since it is probably FAQ number 1.

How to update any ArcoLinux or how to stay rolling

geoip service is Working again
Future will tell us for how long

More detailed information can be found in the 
beta links in the menu
and of course in the commits
On github.