ArcoLinux -D -B 20.9

Release September 2020

Vision 2020-2021

This work year (September 2020 – July 2021) we will focus on our workflow.

We need to become backups for each other.

  • The release of September  has been built by Marco for example.
  • Icewm has been created by Natto for example.

We continue to develop new desktops and make tutorials about them.

Sharing knowledge stays the central theme at ArcoLinux.

We welcome John Blevin and Steve Younger to the coreteam.


Icewm has been developed by Natto.

We will release the iso when all betatesters have tested it.

ArcoLinux goes rolling

The file /etc/lsb-release used to contain a number reference to the iso, such as 20.7.5

So did the file /etc/os-release.

Again and again we have to convince people that this is just a number.
It does not mean you are up-to-date.

Updating is done with update, skel and upall in a terminal.

With the new update of lsb-release of 10/07/2020 we decided to break with tradition.

ArcoLinux is now rolling. An example is in the sysinfo script.

To achieve the rolling release everywhere we added 2 pacman hooks.

/etc/lsb-release will not change anymore after an update of lsb-release.

/etc/os-release will not change anymore after an update of filesystem.

We repurposed the current file /etc/dev-rel to reflect the following:

  • the iso version used to install ArcoLinux -D – B
  • the distribution name used to install ArcoLinux -D -B
  • the time of the build

We can easily consult this with the alias iso.

Timetable for releases

ArcoLinux continues to add desktops to its repertoire. Icewm is the latest.

Needless to say this puts a big strain on everyone. We have decided to change our release cycle.

Next year we will release our isos on a bimonthly schedule.

Mid September 2020
Mid November 2020
Mid January 2021
Mid March 2021
Mid May 2021
Mid July 2021
August Holiday

Every single iso can be built on the spot by running our scripts if you want the latest versions on your iso.
BYOI or Build Your Own Iso is fun and easy. Put whatever application you like on your personal iso.

Building isos and archiso 

The Archiso package is in full development as you might have seen in the Carli 8 videos.

We have to adapt our build scripts to the new release of Archiso.

22 githubs/isos need to change. First we try out ArcoLinux and ArcoLinuxD then we move over to ArcoLinuxB.

When building the isos yourself (BYOI) make sure you have the right version of the archiso package.

sudo pacman -Q archiso

You know what version to use when you read the archiso.readme on the github.
All iso githubs have this file. Read the how-to in the file.

arc-gtk-theme stopped supporting openbox

The developers of the Arc theme decided to stop supporting openbox.

We now install the package we had in the past to get the support back.

Solution :

sudo pacman -S openbox-arc-git

Conky change

Conky does not support the old conky code anymore.

We have changed all our conkys to the new lua syntax.

If you still have personal conkys then you can convert them with the tool in the video.

Carli 8

We continued our Carli project.
The major change is the archiso package that changed considerably.

.bin has a new script to make bluetooth icon visible

Blueberry is coming from Linux Mint. We made them aware of the repercussions of the change in May 2020.
It is safe to assume Linux Mint will not change it.
So we created a script in .bin/main to make the icons visible again.

In the future we will make sure the setting is incorporated in our isos.

Dconf – ArcoLinux flagship

We have set bluetooth to show a white icon in the right bottom bar in Xfce.

We have stopped using symbolic icons in the panel.

You can set this manually via dconf-editor.

We will gradually change all dconfs of all our desktops to display the bluetooth icon.

Fun script

Darthvader is our fun script of the month


We changed the polybar code so that the workspaces get a color if it is the focused workspace or if an application is launched on the workspace.


The Arch Linux logo at login is replaced with the ArcoLinux logo.


We added gnome-screenshot to the packages list. Keybinding Ctrl + Shift + Prtscr was there but not the application.

We added Ctrl + Prtscr to activate mate-screenshot interactively.


You can activate Dmenu with the keybinding Ctrl + Shift + D now.


You can activate Dmenu with the keybinding Ctrl + Shift + D now.


You can activate Dmenu with the keybinding Ctrl + Shift + D now.


You can activate Dmenu with the keybinding Ctrl + Shift + D now.

Mate-terminal has no limitation when scrolling back.

Mate-terminal setting ‘Scroll on output’ is set to false.

We added arcolinux-local-xfce4-git to have termite as the standard terminal.
There is no popup when pressing the keybinding Ctrl + Alt + T.

Signing packages and keyservers

We have added 3 lines to a file on your system to add possible keyservers and their ports.

keyserver hkp://
keyserver hkps://
keyserver hkp://

We have added them to your /etc/pacman.d/gnupg/gpg.conf.

We are delegating work to all coremembers.

They will be able to build and sign the isos, build and sign the packages, push and sign the githubs.

With this extra configuration file pacman will be able to contact the keyservers and get keys if needed.

If you do a clean install (next release) or if you build the iso yourself, it wil have these urls in the file already.

If you stay-rolling you will find this content in the same place under the name gpg.conf.pacnew.

Copy/paste it over to gpg.conf IF NEEDED.


We are using the latest Calamares version 3.2.29. More info here.

Because of all the changes in the archiso package we had to change the Calamares configs of all our isos as well.


A new release of variety came in. We always follow the developer’s new config and added our code to Variety in order to make it work on all our desktops.


Suddenly we had a system tray icon for our preferred dropdown terminal Yakuake.
We made sure we do not see the system tray icon.

F12 is there when we need it.

to do next month(s)

Continue the carli project

Let us try to get a new article/video/step out every month.
In a few months time we will have made progress.

development  of sway

development  of dwm

tutorials for spectrwm

tutorials for ukui

tutorials for icewm

how to stay rolling

what is new

good to know

staying up-to-date

We have dedicated an article to this particular topic since it is probably FAQ number 1.

How to update any ArcoLinux or how to stay rolling

Re-use our nemesis script – post installation script

After a clean installation we will install more software like Spotify, Dropbox, Insync, etc…

Installing Nemesis on any ArcoLinux

Up and running under 15 minutes
after clean install

After a clean installation we will install more software like Spotify, Dropbox, Insync, etc…
Re-use our arcogetstarted script.

The url to this script is ALWAYS pinned on Discord in the official channel at the top in Discord.

Up and running in 15 minutes after a clean install

Learn the most important aliases

geoip service is once  again working
Future will tell us for how long

More detailed information can be found in the 
beta links in the menu
and of course in the commits
On github.


Overcome any and all installation issues

with our

“all you need to know article”