ArcoLinux -D -B 19.5

 19.5 – May release

development of Awesome
less ArcoLinuxB isos
Sardi & surfn icons major release
redshift out
super + Q
oblogout new theme
NEW IN .bin
Conky – AUR-Slate
general improvements
future efforts
Stay rolling

development of Awesome

This month we have been perfecting Awesome. Making sure everything works and that all the ArcoLinux custom keyboard shortcuts are there. We have added a new one to our list.


But also a lot of new programming code.

  • 19 files changed
  • 231 additions
  • 317 deletions.

We have added a new keyboard shortcut to toggle the visibility of the system icons i.e Super + –

There are no icons anymore in the menu when you right mouse click on the desktop.

Less arcolinuxb isos

We will be building less and less ArcoLinuxB isos in the future.

It takes a lot of energy for the ArcoLinux team and all betatesters to test all the isos.

There are ArcoLinux and ArcoLinuxD – 2

There are ArcoLinuxB Full isos – 13

There are ArcoLinuxB Minimal isos – 13

That brings us to a total of 28 isos to test EVERY MONTH.

That is a huge drain of energy and time for all concerned.

That is why you will see that we will have partial builds or no ArcoLinuxB builds at all.

The idea of the BYOI project is NOT to download it but to BUILD it yourself.

If building is not your thing, you can always download an older full or minimal iso and start updating. We do want to keep rolling anyway and you know we have scripts to do that.

Thank you betatesters for giving us your time, energy and hardware to test all these isos.

Sardi and Surfn major release

Major update from 9.6.22 to 9.7.1 – 800+ changes partially in the changelog

Major update from 9.6.22 to 9.7.1 – 1000+ changes partially in the changelog

Redshift is out

Redshift was included in the last iso. During testing redshift gave no issues. After the launch some of our users reported it was NOT working. Since reports were partially negative, we have decided not to include it on the iso. You can install in later, if you want to have it.

Software that gives our users frustrations is out as a rule of thumb. 

super + Q

From the development of Qtile we have learned to use the keyboard shortcut super + q to close a window.

We were so used to this shortcut that we have implemented it also in :

xfce, openbox, i3, awesome, bspwm, qtile, xmonad.

oblogout has a new theme

From Zver43 on discord we got a great theme that we immediately liked so… it has been added to the collection i.e. solarized-squares64

Add this line to your current /etc/oblogout.conf to try it out

buttontheme = solarized-squares64

fun script square in .bin

Conky – Aur-Slate

general improvements

  • variety configuration update
  • calamares has been updated to version 3.2.7

To DO 
ArcoLinuxB QTILE tutorials

We need to start creating Qtile tutorials..

how to stay rolling

what changed in 19.5

How to stay rolling

We have dedicated an article to this particular topic since it is probably FAQ number 1.

How to update any ArcoLinux or how to stay rolling

geoip service is Working again
Future will tell us for how long

More detailed information can be found in the beta links in the menu
and of course in the commits
On github.