ArcoLinux -D -B 19.1

19.1 – January release

creation of 4 new ArcoLinuxB minimal isos
High speed data server
calamares new version
kvantum and qt5
stargate conky
NEW IN .bin
general improvements
future efforts
Stay rolling

creation of 4 ArcoLinuxB Minimal isos

We created the following MINIMAL desktops. There are tutorials out there that will give you an insight how to create your own personal ArcoLinuxB iso and we hope you find your own workflow by watching the videos.

  • budgie-minimal
  • cinnamon-minimal
  • deepin-minimal
  • gnome-minimal


    HIgh speed data server

    More and more people are finding their way to ArcoLinux. We saw this growth in the usage of our bandwidth. We have invested in a high speed data server to host all our packages and isos.

    More info here.

    xmonad development

    We have now 12 desktops to choose from. You can test it out on ArcoLinuxD or ArcoLinuxB.

    We have created immediately an ArcoLinuxB full version and a minimal version. More info here.

    More tutorials will follow on ArcoLinuxD.

    calamares new version

    Upgrading Calamares gives us always a chance to get an improved graphical installer. It may overcome issues people were having in the past. All ArcoLinux calamares configs have been looked at and improved.

    kvantum and qt5

    When we upgraded our systems 01/01/2019 it resulted in a virtualbox with a look that was too bright. Hence we could not read it.

    We looked for a solution and found one in kvantum-qt5 and kvantum-theme-arc.

    Use the script in your ./bin/stay-rolling/18.12-to19.1.It will install the missing packages IF you are not doing a clean install with the 19.1 iso.

    Numix icons

    Numix icons, theme and plank are now maintained by Erik Dubois on the AUR.

    They have been part of ArcoLinux since the beginning.

    Remember to get rid of the obstructing file:

    sudo rm /usr/share/icons/Numix-Circle/icon-theme.cache

    sTARGATE conky

    We have added this stargate themed conky to the collection.

    All conkies are now using fonts, that are either copyright free or have the accompanying copyright license on ArcoLinux.


    Nomacs is standard installed but the theme was changed overtime so we could hardly see the icons in the panel on top. We have set it standard to a dark theme.


    The color of the logo has now been corrected by the developer. Big thanks for that.

    FUnscript addition

    We have added the application boxes to the fun script. Here are some examples what it can do.

    What is new in .bin?

    New fun script

    stay-rolling folder

    During the change of the year we were confronted with theming issues for virtualbox and simplescreenrecorder. We found our solution in kvantum manager.

    For people that do not do a clean install we have added a script called :


    It will install the missing applications. Run the skel command afterwards.

    See the rolling release videos at the bottom of the page. 

    General improvements


    • bashrc-personal moved to bottom
    • code for users with Asian languages


    • awesome got an major update of its code

    Conky lazuli

    • monthly bandwidth usage is displayed correctly now – vnstat



    • update for xmonad



    • update for xmonad

    Package updated:

    • pamac-aur
    • vivaldi
    • vivaldi-codecs-ffmpeg
    • xcursor-breeze
    • surfn
    • sardi
    • inxi

    Packages removed:

    • b43-firmware
    • b43-fwcutter



    To DO  ArcoLinuxB xmonad tutorials

    We need to start creating xmonad tutorials to get you started with this new desktop.

    to do deepin tutorials

    Qtile stays in the pipelines
    xmonad got priority

    What is new in this version

    how to stay rolling
    educational version

    how to stay rolling
    super short version

    geoip service is Working again
    Future will tell us for how long

    HOw to stay rolling

    We have dedicated an article to this particular topic since it is probably the FAQ number 1.

    How to update any ArcoLinux or how to stay rolling

    More detailed information can be found in the beta links in the menu Blog
    and ofcourse in the commits
    On github.