ArcoLinux -D -B 18.9



  1. Numbering of the iso will change and follow the calender format : arcolinux-v18.9.1-… is 2018 September 1st release. We believe it will be easier to follow this way.
    We will talk about the 18.9 release.
  2. Numbering of the packages will follow a similar numbering like arcolinux-xfce-thunar-18.9-1…

Launch date is always 15th of the month

Setting the launch date to the 15th is the best decision for bridging the summer holiday and is attuned to our work.

15 July – release iso
15 August – no isoholiday for the team
15 September – release iso

YAY is in and YAOURT is out

After consulting the developers of both AUR helpers we decided to leave yaourt as AUR helper and go primarily for yay and in second line for trizen.

All scripts and aliases had to be changed into yay and/or trizen.

  • ArcoLinux – Xfce, Openbox and i3
  • ArcoLinuxD – with scripts and the ArcoLinuxD iso
  • ArcoLinuxB – build your personal iso or download what we build

To install software we now type:

yay openoffice (if you are searching for the name)

yay -S openoffice  (if you know the name)

yay -S openoffice –noconfirm (if you know the software is valid and needs no checking)

Updating your system is still :

update for all Arch Linux and ArcoLinux updates

pksyua for Arch Linux, ArcoLinux and AUR updates

ArcoLinuxD scripts

August and September 2018 were all about ArcoLinuxD. Days went into the changing (and testing) of the scripts because of the move to yay as primary AUR helper..

Hundreds of scripts have been changed to use yay now, then trizen, then yaourt and so on. Depending on what you like and install, it will use that as AUR helper.

ArcoLinuxB scripts

ArcoLinuxB scripts were rewritten to give more information and to be as efficient as possible.

Primary objective was to automate the building of the 11 isos without human interaction.

There is no need anymore to say three times yes during the installation in script 30. This halted the build for  every single iso.

We can now make 11 isos in 2 hours time in one go.

Sardi and surfn got a bunch of icons 

I made time to make all the icons for Deepin and Plasma desktop.

ArcoLinux -D -B iso
Iso related changes
  • root account was given bash as shell rather than zsh
  • correct permissions for sudoers and polkit – hardwired in build scripts now
  • better font resolution for i3
  • newer calamares installer
Copy/paste these lines in your terminal to correct your permissions of these folders.
They may be correct already. It depends what your source is.

sudo chmod 750 /etc/sudoers.d
sudo chmod 750 /etc/polkit-1/rules.d
Added applications to isos
We have added the following applications :

  • yay-bin
  • iso-flag-png only on ArcoLinuxB Cinnamon
  • ktorrent on ArcoLinuxB Plasma
Removed applications
We have deleted the following applications

  • transmission on ArcoLinuxB Plasma
  • yaourt gets another 2 months before we do not include it anymore – change your personal scripts


  • closing the lid of laptops will make them go to sleep
  • thunar custom actions requiring root privileges will give prompt for root password
  • more details in the date in xfce thunar – no today or yesterday but date and hour
  • inactive opacity is no longer used in i3 in compton.conf
  • new shortcuts to exit xfce, openbox, i3 and bspwm – CTRL + ALT + DEL
  • new shortcuts in i3 for separate keypads and Return key like Super + Return Keypad
  • added menu link in openbox menu to neofetch
Changed or updated applications

We have updated the following AUR packages

  • pamac-aur
  • menulibre
  • pythonqt
  • faba-icon-theme
  • inxi
  • moka-icon-theme
  • mugshot – will work with new version
  • oomox
  • vivaldi
  • vivaldi-codecs-ffmpeg-extra-bin
  • xcursor-breeze
  • trizen
  • vivaldi
  • font-manager

We have updated the following ArcoLinux packages

  • all packages that have a number like 18.9.1 or more have been changed – see in pamac-aur
  • renamed conky elegant and eleganto to show users you need to have 8 cores for it to work!! Delete both old conky files before copy/pasting the new one over from /etc/skel
  • awesome gets an update of its configuration
  • Super key on Openbox will open the menu
What is new?
New scripts
We created a new package arcolinux-bin-git to include a new script every month. The idea is to include a FUN factor.

Your .bin folder now also includes a folder called Main. The scripts, we use all the time, will be in there like

  • 000-script to use all cores
  • script to get the linux-lts kernel
  • deleting the linux-lts kernel


ArcoLinuxb plasma live-dvd
Has a nicer look to start
to do plasma tutorials
to do deepin tutorials
Qtile is in the pipelines
Upgrading ArcoLinux boils down to 2 main actions

  • copy/paste hidden content from /etc/skel to your home directory
  • keep updating with pksyua

And sometimes we create a new package.

Install it with sudo pacman -S arcolinux-new-package-name

Always check whether it will be installed in /etc/skel or not.

More detailed information can be found in the beta links in the menu Blog and in this video.
install yay-bin for a fast update


One thing that is not mentioned is that 6.9.2 has the package yay installed.

We opted in 18.9.5 for yay-bin since is does not need a 500MB from go to compile.

yay-bin is simply much faster to update.

sudo pacman -R yay go
trizen yay-bin
get the latest bashrc in
Do not forget to update your bashrc and get rid of yaourt when you are not clean installing.

We want yay now to update not yaourt.

Use the power of meld.
Everything must go from the right to the left.
I misspoke in the video.