ArcoLinux -D -B 18.12

18.12 – December release

re-creation of 4 ArcoLinuxB isos
plasma challenge continues
creativity in aliases
redesign of Pamac-aur
samba is out
TLP is out
zafiro icons
hblock improved
lazuli conky
NEW IN .bin
general improvements
future efforts
Stay rolling

re-creation of 4 ArcoLinuxB isos


The following desktops get a revised packages list for installation (calamares improvement, video drivers, touchscreen etc – same as other desktops, which have already a minimal version)

  • budgie
  • cinnamon
  • deepin
  • gnome

This will be the basis to create the next step a minimal version.

We have created the following MINIMAL desktops until now :

  1. xfce-minimal
  2. openbox-minimal
  3. i3-minimal
  4. bspwm-minimal
  5. plasma-minimal
  6. mate-minimal
  7. awesome-minimal

Plasma challenge continues

We started making a series of tutorials of the Plasma desktop. We have created a specific ArcoLinuxB Plasma iso of 4.3GB and included some of the better games on it like Sauerbraten, Xonotic, Steam and Lutris. So not only learning but also FUN.

More information about this Plasma Challenge can be found here.

You can find all created articles on Plasma here.

creativity in aliases

We have added quite a collection of aliases. Since it would be a super long article I will refer to the articles themselves.

Concerning audio and video download from youtube and other sources. See here.

Get a list of all the most recent installed packages. See here.

Add your own aliases to .bashrc-personal. See here.

Cb to copy the content of your .bashrc-latest to .bashrc. See here.

We have 4 aliases to set our mirrors. See here.

An alias to clean up your system. See here.

redesign of pamac-aur

After an update of pamac-aur we decided to change the icons for pamac – our graphical package manager.

samba is out

After an update of Samba and the resulting error we got afterwards, we took a hard and long look at Samba. Even though we can fix Samba and made it work again, we believe that security wise it is better we do not install it.

The users, that will use Samba, can have it up and running under 1 minute with our scripts in ~/.bin.

As a result of this Samba update we have written a lot of articles on Samba and how to fix the issue. You can find them here.

tlp is out

In an attempt to figure out why some of our users have these watchdogs messages when shutting down and need to wait until the watchdog stops, we have not installed tlp and its services.
We have added a script to ArcoLinuxD github to install and activate it. Tlp is a service that is useful for laptops.

tlp can easily be installed and activated with these commands

sudo pacman -S tlp
sudo systemctl enable tlp.service
sudo systemctl enable  tlp-sleep.service

zafiro icons

Thanks to a good understanding with the developer the inherits line now points to Surfn first and we have an official go to put it on the iso.

hblock improved – whitelist

NEW Package hblock – 3party software


Improve your security and privacy by blocking ads, tracking and malware domains.


The suggestion of ArcoLinux to have a whitelist  (and a blacklist) has been implemented in this version. Together we move forward.


Read more here.

lazuli conky

What is new in .bin?

New fun script

stay-rolling folder

We have made another move to make us even more rolling than we already were.

We checked our archiso folder and moved all files to a package called arcolinux-system-config. Here we get quite technical what to do if you want to create an Arch Linux iso.

For people that do not do a clean install we have added a script called :


This script will delete the files on your root directory and replace them with exactly the same files but this time with the use of a package via pacman.

After running this script these files can be managed by us.

More info here.


    We created a new package to show you the Arco logo in ufetch : ufetch-arco-git
    It has been added to the fun script.

    MAIN Folder

    We have added the ArcoLinuxD scripts to install samba and network discovery.
    Scripts 140 and 150.


      General improvements

      Package updated:

      • pamac-aur
      • vivaldi
      • vivaldi-codecs-ffmpeg
      • xcursor-breeze
      • surfn
      • sardi
      • mintlocale
      • inxi

      Packages removed:

      • redshift



      To DO  ArcoLinuxB minimal isos

      We will created the following MINIMAL desktops  and make tutorials about how I create them. I hope these tutorials will give you an insight how to create your own personal ArcoLinuxB iso and we hope you find your own workflow by watching the videos.

      • budgie-minimal
      • cinnamon-minimal
      • deepin-minimal
      • gnome-minimal

      WE started with the plasma tutorials
      we will continue with the tutorials

      to do deepin tutorials

      Qtile is in the pipelines

      how to stay rolling is included

      geoip service is Working again
      Future will tell us for how long

      HOw to stay rolling

      We have dedicated an article to this particular topic since it is probably the FAQ number 1.

      How to update any ArcoLinux or how to stay rolling

      More detailed information can be found in the beta links in the menu Blog
      and ofcourse in the commits
      On github.