ArcoLinux -D -B 18.11

18.11 – November release

creation of 2 ArcoLinuxB Minimals
plasma challenge
arch Linux Gnome tutorial
general improvements

creation of 2 ArcoLinuxB Minimals

We created ArcoLinuxB Mate Minimal and also ArcoLinuxB Awesome Minimal.

7 minimal versions now in total

We have created the following MINIMAL desktops until now :

  1. xfce-minimal
  2. openbox-minimal
  3. i3-minimal
  4. bspwm-minimal
  5. plasma-minimal
  6. mate-minimal
  7. awesome-minimal

ArcoLinuxB Awesome

ArcoLinuxB Awesome Minimal

ArcoLinuxB Bspwm

ArcoLinuxB Bspwm Minimal

ArcoLinuxB Budgie

ArcoLinuxB Cinnamon

ArcoLinuxB Gnome

ArcoLinuxB i3

ArcoLinuxB i3 minimal

ArcoLinuxB Deepin

ArcoLinuxB Mate

ArcoLinuxB Mate Minimal

ArcoLinuxB Openbox

ArcoLinuxB Openbox Minimal

ArcoLinuxB Plasma

ArcoLinuxB Plasma Minimal

ArcoLinuxB Xfce

ArcoLinuxB Xfce Minimal

Plasma challenge

We started making a series of tutorials of the Plasma desktop. We have created a specific ArcoLinuxB Plasma iso of 4.3GB and included some of the better games on it like Sauerbraten, Xonotic, Steam and Lutris. So not only learning but also FUN.

More information about this Plasma Challenge can be found here.

You can find all created articles on Plasma here.

Arch Linux Gnome tutorial

We created a tutorial for users on ArcoLinuxD, who want to proceed to Phase 5 and do a clean installation of Arch Linux and then install everything package by package and if they want get all the “ArcoLinux spices” in like this skullpuke script from our fun scripts collection.

General improvements

  • arcolinux-openbox-config – deleted logo and scripts
  • geoip in calamares is working again
  • arcolinux-applications – compton in menulibre no error message anymore
  • uninstalling any calamares after installation on awesome

Third party Package updates for:

  • yay-bin
  • vivaldi
  • trizen
  • xcursor-breeze
  • pamac-aur
  • i3-gaps-next
  • vivaldi
  • pamac-aur


We have added two more themes to the collection

  • arcolinux-darkish
  • arcolinux-nord

developed by Intrcptr – ArcoLinux Coremember


A new package has been created to have a separate folder containing all the logos.

You will find all the logos of ArcoLinux in this hidden folder ~/.arcolinux-logo


NEW Package hblock – 3party software

Improve your security and privacy by blocking ads, tracking and malware domains.

Read more here.


Since the creation of Tint2 themes many things have changed in the background – tint2, gtk3, …

We noticed that the icons in the system panel were overlapping in the Arc themes.

We figured out what to change in the tint2 configuration and you can fully enjoy all themes again.

ArcoLinux spices on Arch Linux

We improved the script for Arch Linux users to get the ArcoLinux spices in easily with the help of a new script and an updated script. Scripts are on all ArcoLinuxD githubs in the folder Arch Way.

Install yay and trizen on Arch Linux

Yaourt is out. But how to install yay or trizen when you want to go to Arch Linux – Phase 5.

More information in this article.

4 new aliases you will love

4 new aliases

trizenskip : 

trizenskip can be used if you have problems with installing packages you trust

yay-skip : 

yay-skip can be used if you have problems with installing packages you trust

More info here about the two aliases from above.

bupskel :

bupskel will make a backup of the current /etc/skel. Later you can compare with meld the different versions of the backup folders.

In this article you learn what bupskel can mean for you.

microcode :

You see an example of microcode in the picture beneath. More info on the Arch Wiki.

ja-Phone and 2 variants

What is new in .bin?

New scripts

use all cores script can take care of 16 cores now

Your .bin folder gets a monthly release of new fun scripts. This month we add : 

  • arch
  • arco

Content main folder

  • 000-script to use all cores – DELETE THE OLD ONE – NEW one with 16 cores
  • script to get the linux-lts kernel
  • installing the linux-lts kernel
  • deleting the linux-lts kernel
  • fun apps script
  • fix amd microcode – NEW
  • fix intel microcode – NEW


To DO  ArcoLinuxB minimal isos

We will created the following MINIMAL desktops  and make tutorials about how I create them. I hope these tutorials will give you an insight how to create your own personal ArcoLinuxB iso and we hope you find your own workflow by watching the videos.

  • budgie-minimal
  • cinnamon-minimal
  • deepin-minimal
  • gnome-minimal

to do deepin tutorials

Qtile is in the pipelines

Summary of all the changes
how to stay rolling is included

geoip service is Working again
Future will tell us for how long

HOw to stay rolling

We have dedicated an article to this particular topic since it is probably the FAQ number 1.

How to update any ArcoLinux or how to stay rolling

More detailed information can be found in the beta links in the menu Blog
and ofcourse in the commits
On github.