ArcoLinux -D -B 18.10

18.10 – October release

2 new websites
Analysis of graphical drivers
analysis of Calamares
analysis of Packages
creation of 5 ArcoLinuxB Minimals
touch sensitive

analysis of graphical drivers
All video drivers have been evaluated – we eliminated a few of them.

Removed packages

  • xf86-video-dummy
  • xf86-video-voodoo
  • xf86-video-sisusb
  • libva-intel-driver
  • libva-vdpau-driver
  • mesa-vdpau
Calamares has been looked at in detail

  • what elements do we need on the iso
  • what elements need to be uninstalled after this installation

Added more packages for support on livedvd and then uninstalled them afterwards on the harddisk.

All the details are on our beta pages.

It will be an ongoing process to figure out what we need for calamares at its best.

ANALYSIS OF packages
We took a new approach regarding the GROUP packages.

xfce4 and xfce4-goodies are both group packages.

We have stopped using them so we can define in more detail what to include and what not to include on all our isos. More detailed information what these group packages contain can be found in the beta pages.

New packages

  • gtk-engine-murrine
  • cups-filters
  • poppler-qt5

Removed packages

  • cantarell-fonts
  • shotwell
  • mousepad
  • qt5tools
  • xfpanel-switch
  • parole
  • cmake
  • orage
creation of 5 minimal Arcolinuxb
For arcolinuxb builders
We have created the following MINIMAL desktops :

  • xfce-minimal
  • openbox-minimal
  • i3-minimal
  • bspwm-minimal
  • plasma-minimal
All ARCOLINUXB isos until this date
11+ 5 minimal isos

ArcoLinuxB Awesome

ArcoLinuxB Awesome Minimal

ArcoLinuxB Bspwm

ArcoLinuxB Bspwm Minimal

ArcoLinuxB Budgie

ArcoLinuxB Cinnamon

ArcoLinuxB Gnome

ArcoLinuxB i3

ArcoLinuxB i3 minimal

ArcoLinuxB Deepin

ArcoLinuxB Mate

ArcoLinuxB Mate Minimal

ArcoLinuxB Openbox

ArcoLinuxB Openbox Minimal

ArcoLinuxB Plasma

ArcoLinuxB Plasma Minimal

ArcoLinuxB Xfce

ArcoLinuxB Xfce Minimal

For arcolinuxb builders
When building ArcoLinux we sometimes get a timeout from github. That is why we have created now an mirror and we will create more mirrors in the future so these timeouts do not affect us anymore.

When you install the 18.10 iso, you do not have to do anything. But users that keep rolling need to install a package and update their pacman.conf. You can read here how that is done.

When doing so you will get the Submicron wallpapers back.

Touch sensitive

Depending on your hardware you either have or do not have a touch sensitive screen.

Starting with version 18.10 you will be able to use your desktops with the touch of your screen.

General improvements
  • urxvt gets a darker background
  • variety – new update – new config
  • halo icons update
  • awesome – new config
  • compton.conf has been udpated – backup.conf is present
  • arcolinuxb-obmenu-generator-minimal coming from the ArcoLinuxB-Openbox-Minimal project
Openbox minimal menu
We explain in this article how easy it is to switch to the minimal menu in openbox.
Cleaning up the xfce menu

We figured out a way to hide applications, we never use, and are only installed because of other applications that we need. We can hide them in our xfce menu. In this article we pass along the knowledge how to do that.They will be hidden on a clean installation. The package arcolinux-applications-git provides us this service.

  • insync out of third party repo – constraints of github – max 100MB
  • improving building scripts so that it works on any ArcoLinux with any language
  • added the two new menu’s to openbox menu for the 2 new websites
  • xfpanelswitch has been replaced by xfce4-panel-profiles – new package for the configuration file

You can change the look of your xfce4 system considerably and very very easy with this application. Give it a try. Panel goes to top – new start menu etc… More info in this article.

You need a new package and application for this. 

submicron wallpapers moved to new repo
Do you want to find the submicron wallpapers again then read this article.


5 new aliases you will love
  • 5 new aliases – skel and kc and hw and yayskip and trizenskip

In this article we will tell you all about it.

New conky – FOFO
What is new in .bin?
New scripts

The fun script of Nemesis github moved into .bin.
Go check it out.

We created a new package arcolinux-bin-git to include a new script every month. The idea is to include a FUN factor.

Your .bin folder now also includes a folder called Main. The scripts, we use all the time, will be in there like

  • 000-script to use all cores
  • script to get the linux-lts kernel
  • deleting the linux-lts kernel


6 more ArcoLinuxB minimal isos

We will created the following MINIMAL desktops  and make tutorials about how I create them. I hope these tutorials will give you an insight how to create your own personal ArcoLinuxB iso and we hope you find your own workflow by watching the videos.

  • awesome-minimal
  • budgie-minimal
  • cinnamon-minimal
  • deepin-minimal
  • gnome-minimal
  • mate-minimal
to do plasma tutorials
to do deepin tutorials
Qtile is in the pipelines
Summary of all the changes

geoip service is no longer free
improve your aim and
select your city manually

HOw to stay rolling

Upgrading ArcoLinux boils down to 3 main actions

  • update Arch and ArcoLinux packages
  • copy/paste hidden content from /etc/skel to your home directory (use alias skel in the future)
  • keep updating with pksyua

And sometimes we create a new package.

Install it with sudo pacman -S arcolinux-new-package-name

Always check whether it will be installed in /etc/skel or not.

More detailed information can be found in the beta links in the menu Blog
and ofcourse in the commits
On github.