ArcoLinux Coreteam welcomes 5 new members

People often ask how do you become part of a linux community like ArcoLinux.

My answer is always the same:

  • be passionate about what you do
  • get engaged
  • become part of the community – forums, telegram, discord, social media, …
  • do the work without being asked
  • betatest
  • improve texts
  • share knowledge
  • get noticed in a positive way

In our case we will always recommend you to become a betatester first. See this article what that means for ArcoLinux.

On discord we give you a new status – ArcoLinux Betatester. You will get access to the latest builds and more inside information.

If the love and the passion for the distro stays over the course of the next months, we notice all the work you do, we see your commitment, we can rely on you, you are trustworthy, …

then you will get noticed.

And that is how at some point in time we invite you to become part of the ArcoLinux Core team and certainly not before there is a certain level of trust and commitment towards the distro.

So from our pool of betatesters we give you 5 new ArcoLinux Coreteam members.

Ferenc Deak aka ArcoLinux Xeoncpu is from Budapest in Hungary and has been with us since ArchLabs R2D2. New users may not know the origin of ArcoLinux, they can follow the link. Or this one.

That must have been since July 2017. He has been active in Linux since the last 15 years. He has a lot of time on his hands and became an expert in linux as an autodidact. Over the years he has tried many variations of Linux like Ubuntu, Suse, Debian and others. He like to try them all.

But at some point he stopped at Arch Linux. He felt it was very “handy”. It suited his needs. So he became hooked on anything Arch Linux based. He found ArchLabs via Youtube and got hooked on ArchLabs that changed into ArcoLinux over time.

He has a big heart and a lot of patience when it comes down to helping people on our channels. It seems he is always present ready to help and be of assistance.

These days he is a Tiling Window Manager fan.

Marco Obaid aka ArcoLinux Marco lives in Houston, Texas – USA.

He is a Systems Engineer by profession and a die-hard Linux enthusiast for over 20 years. He has been developing and beta testing Arcolinux for roughly two years now.

We have always been able to rely on him to do the hard work. We tested 64 isos in July 2019. Looking back at that time that was just crazy. But it had to be done for the users and that mattered to the both of us so we did it anyway.

His passion is Tiling Windows Managers, with the focus on Qtile/i3/herbstluft windows managers.

“My interest in Linux, and ArcoLinux specifically, is to bridge the gap between average users and Linux by providing them with workable, beautiful, and stable operating system that is secure, open-source, and modular. Arcolinux has been successful in driving this vision with its focus on removing technical barriers and its awesome tweaks to improve the user experience.”

His hobbies involve creative graphics designs, testing various technologies, hiking, and enjoying nature.

Ivar Roode aka ArcoLinux Zver43 is from Tallinn in Estonia. He is an Linux enthousiast and has been following ArcoLinux since it was still called ArchMerge. As a beta-tester we could always rely on him to report us that the build was ok, accompanied with ‘noisy’ images with a lot of technical info about the build itself. Appreciated!

Ray Vermey aka ArcoLinux Ray is from Schiphol in the Netherlands. He is 56 and teacher at a Community College.
He is teaching the ICT students ArcoLinux as a course.

He has been using Linux since 30 years and was a unix administrator at some point. He started a company and later went over to teaching ICT courses like php, css, …

He uses ArcoLinux because he loves Arch Linux and because of all the knowledge we constantly put out there in articles and videos.
ArcoLinuxD is his daily driver and uses that to get all 15 desktops in. Bspwm is his current desktop love.

He has been active behind the screens for a while. Since I (Erik) and Ray speak the same language, developing things together was easier and faster without a language barrier.

His passion is now scripting and testing out operating systems.

Krisztan Veress aka ArcoLinux Krive001 is from Mátészalka in Hungary. He is 40 year old and has knowledge of several linux distributions based on Debian and Arch Linux. He likes to script in shell and is constantly learning more about python and all it possibilities as a programming language.

Creating things is his joie de vivre.

He switched to Linux in 2002 and never looked back.

As a profession he is maintaining servers based on Linux.

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Topics are:

  • 5 new ArcoLinux core members
  • asking for more betatesters
  • asking for people reading our websites and redacting them
  • asking for people creating videos in their native tongue
  • asking for people creating gaming videos – how to install and how to play
  • asking for people to create a qt5 application for general tasks we now do manually