ArcoLinux Beta 23.07


SOFIREM – Software Installer and Remover

Calamares gives us a huge selection of the best software out there.

After rebooting you can not consult our selection anymore.

With Sofirem we like to remedy that.

Based on the Calamares files we give you Sofirem to install or remove applications and much more.

If you need more applications you can use:

  • the command line
  • pamac
  • gnome-software
  • discover

Arcolinux application glade (AAG)

We added 2 extra options to the AAG.

When we are on pure Arch Linux or on another Arch Linux based system we can now install AAG and then

  • install the ArcoLinux Spices Application (ASA) – keys and mirrors
  • install the ArchLinux Tweak Tool (ATT) – configs, desktops, themes, services etc.

We installed it on RebornOS in the picture below.

Candy beauty icons

We have updated the ArcoLinux-Candy-Beauty-icons and changed the name to



We have added the RebornOS repository to the ArchLinux Tweak Tool (ATT).

COming from somewhere else …

People coming from Debian, Suse etc. need to learn the commands that help maintain their operating system.

Remember the rosetta stone.


We have added noto emoji fonts to the ISO. Only for XL.

In Calamares you can select it on the page of fonts.

Archiso 71

We have changed the way we build ISOS according to the changes made in the archiso package.


We have updated the Calamares application to the code of May 24th 2023.