ArcoLinux Beta 23.04



Years ago we made the decision to add the xf86-video drivers on our iso to get better compatibility with hardware.

Thanks to our other projects like Carli 12 we wondered if that is actually still necessary with all the new packages and new kernels we have received these last years.

After all, Carli has never had these xf86-video drivers on board and there was no issue reported.

Being cautious we tested this ourselves first and then later asked you guys to test it.

Many users (if not all) responded that the installation went fine without the xf86-video packages on their hardware.

Some report that having xf86-video-amdgpu improves the graphics a bit – that is for the AMD graphical cards.
Test out which is best – with or without.
You can install the xf86-video-amdgpu via Calamares or after booting.


ALCI project

We give the Alci project a grub theme and we added the well-known ArcoLinux script to fix your keys:

  • fixkey
  • fixkeys
  • fix-key
  • fix-keys

Ricing Carli 12 Cinnamon into Linux Mint

Carli 12 Cinnamon – Carli 11 Xfce4 is dead

16 videos and 8 articles have been written to explain such a migration.

Moving from Xfce4 to Cinnamon

Earlier we migrated from Plasma to Xfce4. With all the videos we have made you can easily migrate to Mate or any other desktop.

Grub themes tutorials

We kept on creating new grub themes as it is creative and fun.

These personal projects are on the nemesis_repo of the github of Erik Dubois.







Grub themes

We created a tutorial for people who want to experiment with the look of their grub theme.

We base ourselves on the work of VandalByte.

First, we test out his code. Afterwards, we changed a few elements to his code and put it online on the GitHub of Erik Dubois.


You have now the choice to install

  • linux-rt
  • linux-rt-lts

with their headers.

More info on Arch Wiki.


Qemu was removed from their releng folder. We had it already removed because of error messages.

For the end users, there are no changes. The file that changed the most was the grub configuration.