ArcoLinux Beta 23.02


Full installation and configuration of ArcoLinuxB Hyprland in 4K

Xmonad, Bspwm and i3wm get a nice graphical application menu

ATT and Archman

ArchLinux Tweak Tool is ready for Archman.

Hyprland tutorials

Many Hyprland tutorials have been created and are available in a playlist on Youtube.

Sway tutorials

Many Sway tutorials have been created and are available in a playlist on Youtube.

New aliases

alias spqo='sudo pacman -Qo'
alias spsii='sudo pacman -Sii'
# show the list of packages that need this package - depends mpv as example
function_depends() {
search=$(echo "$1")
sudo pacman -Sii $search | grep "Required" | sed -e "s/Required By : //g" | sed -e "s/ /\n/g"

alias depends='function_depends'

Putting your important files and folders on github – push to github with ssh keys

We used to be able to push to github with our password of the github account via command line interface (CLI).

Now we need to connect to github with a ssh key to be able to push.

In this video we try to find the correct info online to be able to push to github via CLI.

How to install ArcoLinuxB plasma – tips and tricks

I have added a lot of info about ArcoLinux into this installation video of ArcoLinuxB Plasma
– Beginners better start with ArcoLinuxL or ArcoLinuxB Plasma
– Do not mix desktops (Calamares gives you this choice) and later ATT gives you this choice
– Settings of my current VirtualBox setup
– Download isos or build isos on ArcoLinux
– Choice of BIOS/UEFI in VirtualBox
– 5 choices to boot up
– structure of the websites
– learning is done in phases and over different websites
– install the easy way at first
– choosing partitions
– gparted if you want to start with a clean slate
– SSD-bay to avoid dual boots with windows

New qtile theme from Distrotube and RonitGandhi

Thanks to the work of both authors we now have a new theme for qtile.

ArcoLinux-Nemesis scripts got a major update

Zsh and Chadwm/Hyrpland/Sway

When we switched our shell from Bash to Zsh we were not able to login and came back to the sddm login screen.

It was never the fault of the packages nor the config of Zsh but the way these desktops are started.

Now you can use Zsh and Chadwm, Sway and Hyprland.

Archiso update

Archiso 69-1 has been implemented in ArcoLinux.

Extra line to test your RAM in UEFI.