ArcoLinux Beta 22.10



Error in code made the ~/.config/qtile folder for example have root permissions and not user permissions. This is now fixed.

Manually solved with “chown -R username:username folder” or right-mouse-click with thunar.


New ATT to reflect the progress Arch made in sharing packages for several file managers.
ArcoLinux packages, that fixed the issue, are no longer needed.
ArcoLinux packages have been removed from repo

Following packages have been removed:

  • arcolinux-nautilus-share
  • arcolinux-nemo-share
  • arcolinux-thunar-shares-plugin

Only relevant to people using SAMBA and sharing files and folders over the LAN

  • nautilus-share
  • nemo-share
  • thunar-shares-plugin


New Glibc package results in wrong locales in Calamares. Using older version to counteract the issue.



Thanks you etrigan63 for sharing your work with us




We have added a Pacman hook to run mkinitcpio after an update of dkms. Nvidia powered machines + xanmod kernel ended in a grub that did not boot.



We follow the code that the project Dusk releases and keep our own ArcoLinux identity simultaneously.

All keyboard shortcuts of ArcoLinux are there.


We have seen our share of issues with the update of grub coming from Arch Linux.

We solved the issue first by downgrading the grub package. Later we made a pacman hook to ensure that only the UEFI computers reinstalled grub.

This problem should be in the past now.

We have created an alias for any future issues: install-grub-efi


We are using the last archiso update.