ArcoLinux Beta 22.09


DRACUL theme

All credits to the developers of the original Dracula icon theme.

We have adapted the theme for Surfn and created an Arc theme for it.

You can install it via ATT.

archlinux tweak tool

We have put a lot of time and energy in perfecting the ATT and making more tabs like Att and Design.

We refer to all the videos I have made regarding the changes.

New calamares content

With the different content of the iso like Firefox being added we needed a new Calamares config.

WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get – these apps are NOT in the Calamares config.

You select more packages in the Calamares installer.


ArcoLinux xl iso

We decided to make the iso a bit ‘lighter’. Our packages have gradually grown over the course of 5 years from 2GB to 2.5 GB.

Removing these packages from the iso. Install them later or via advanced installation.

– chromium
– flameshot-git
– gimp
– inkscape
– vivaldi
– vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs
– vivaldi-widevine

ARC theme

The old package names will cease to exist for our ArcoLinux Arc themes.

They can be installed via the ATT

They have all a seperate name and package:

– arcolinux-arc-aqua-git
– arcolinux-arc-archlinux-blue-git
– arcolinux-arc-arcolinux-blue-git
– arcolinux-arc-azul-git
– arcolinux-arc-azure-dodger-blue-git
– arcolinux-arc-blood-git
– arcolinux-arc-blue-sky-git
– arcolinux-arc-botticelli-git
– arcolinux-arc-bright-lilac-git
– arcolinux-arc-bright-lime-green-git
– arcolinux-arc-carnation-git
– arcolinux-arc-carolina-blue-git
– arcolinux-arc-casablanca-git
– arcolinux-arc-crimson-git
– arcolinux-arc-dawn-git
– arcolinux-arc-emerald-git
– arcolinux-arc-evopop-git
– arcolinux-arc-fern-git
– arcolinux-arc-fire-git
– arcolinux-arc-froly-git
– arcolinux-arc-havelock-git
– arcolinux-arc-hibiscus-git
– arcolinux-arc-light-blue-grey-git

– arcolinux-arc-light-blue-surfn-git
– arcolinux-arc-light-salmon-git
– arcolinux-arc-mandy-git
– arcolinux-arc-mantis-git
– arcolinux-arc-medium-blue-git
– arcolinux-arc-niagara-git
– arcolinux-arc-nice-blue-git
– arcolinux-arc-numix-git
– arcolinux-arc-orchid-git
– arcolinux-arc-pale-grey-git
– arcolinux-arc-paper-git
– arcolinux-arc-pink-git
– arcolinux-arc-polo-git
– arcolinux-arc-punch-git
– arcolinux-arc-red-orange-git
– arcolinux-arc-rusty-orange-git
– arcolinux-arc-sky-blue-git
– arcolinux-arc-slate-grey-git
– arcolinux-arc-smoke-git
– arcolinux-arc-soft-blue-git
– arcolinux-arc-tacao-git
– arcolinux-arc-tangerine-git
– arcolinux-arc-tory-git
– arcolinux-arc-warm-pink-git

ArcoLinux XS + XS Lts iso

We decided to give this iso a browser:

– firefox

Several ‘unneeded’ packages for cups have been omitted from the iso after creating the Cups tab in ATT.


ATT – archcraft is supported

Distro nr. 14 is Archcraft.

More info can be found here.

ATTĀ  – deleting a user

After creating a user we do want to delete the user as well.

Or you delete the user and keep his/her homefolder
Or you delete the user and also the homefolder.

ATTĀ  – neofetch small

Only 3 distros have a small neofetch.

  • ArcoLinux
  • Arch Linux
  • Manjaro

If there is no small ascii logo – they will get arch_small – the Arch Linux ascii.



EFI bootup has been changed considerably.

All isos have been changed. If you built the iso now you will get the new config in with v22.09.02.



new SDDM theme

A more minimal sddm breeze has been created.

In combination with the ATT – WALL we can change the background to our liking.

Best to be installed on PLASMA because of the many dependencies.

sudo pacman -S arcolinux-sddm-breeze-minimal