ArcoLinux Beta 22.07


fix-sddm-conf improved

Fix-sddm-conf is no longer an alias but a script.

It will fix your /etc/sddm.conf and /etc/sddm.conf.d/kde_settings.conf if needed.

ATT supports RebornOS

We support now 13 isos based on Arch Linux.

More information on RebornOS on this site.

ATT supports AmOS

We support now 12 isos based on Arch Linux.

More information about AmOs.

Build the iso yourself.

ATT supports Axyl

We support now 11 isos based on Arch Linux.

More information here on these sites.

SDDM config changed

 During the development of the ATT it made sense to change the content of

  • /etc/sddm.conf
  • /etc/sddm.conf.d/kde_settings.conf

This may result in an ATT that will not start.

Run this alias in the terminal:


and it will start again.

Bottom-line is that the

cursor theme moved from /etc/sddm.conf to /etc/sddm.conf.d/kde_settings.conf



We support now 10 isos based on Arch Linux.

More information here –

We start with Xfce4 and install Awesome, Bspwm and Dwm and have fun with the ATT.


ATT supports XeroLinux

We build the Xerolinux DEV iso and test the ATT on it.

More information here @

We start with Plasma and use the ATT.

We made a tutorial for people who are ready to build their own iso/distro.




New Calamares + config
New module finished
New Archiso
New Sddm theme

Read more in this article.



7 new isos created

A 3 hour during video – what does it take to maintain 7 isos.
Learning more about Calamares and problemsolving.
Best practices and tips.

Overcome mistakes.

Debug Calamares.

Read more in this article.


New Ariser iso has been created


Calamares v3.2.59 is used now.


New update of ArchIso


ATT ADT – enlightenment

We have added Enlightenment to the list of desktops in ArchLinux Tweak Tool and ArcoLinux Desktop Trasher.


We have chosen to solidify the Pamac application and improved its pkgbuild.

All credits to the Manjaro team.


ArchLinux-Logout uses betterlockcreen to lock the screen.

We switch from betterlockscreen-git to betterlockscreen. The last package has support if you want to let your computer sleep/suspend and then wake up at the betterlockscreen.


Our boot lines were messed up after an update.

Putting them back in the logic order.


We will add more choices and icons to our grub.