ArcoLinux Beta 22.04



We are using the new Calamares v3.2.54.


We have created a new Calamares v3.2.53 for Carli and made the build scripts easier.

The Carli key and mirrorlist will be imported automatically with scripts 30 and 40.

AA iso

The AA iso is a joint project. We create an Arch Linux with the Alis scripts and go from there.

More info here.

the aim is simplicity and speed


We updated the package Hblock. It was still using termite to launch the .desktop file.
Since Termite is end-of-life cycle we are not using this application anymore in Hblock.

Leftwm – new theme – Arise

We adapted the theme Ascent to our liking and made it functional. It has to work without fault on ArcoLinux. We renamed it to Arise.


We will keep making more videos about Fish.

As our knowledge grows we will make videos and give tips and tricks.


We created our own arcolinux-pamac-all because of issues with the AUR package.

ArcoLinux servers

ArcoLinux now has three servers that are always up-to-date at any time of the day and two more mirrors (South-Korea and Singapore).