ArcoLinux Beta 22.01



We have created more tutorials for the Carli project.

Customized ARch Linux Iso

We switched desktop – from Plasma to Xfce4.

We changed building scripts – date in iso name.

We added a grub theme.

We added pulsewire instead of pulseaudio.

We created a new look for Carli Xfce4.

Carli can be downloaded



We have created a new iso based on the hardened linux kernel. It will have a Plasma desktop.

  • Alci iso – no desktop – linux
  • Alci iso pure – no desktop – linux
  • Alci iso dev – xfce4 – linux
  • Alci iso zen – cinnamon – linux -zen
  • Alci iso lts – mate – linux-lts
  • Alci iso hardened – plasma – linux-hardened

Alci iso hardened is new – plasma


Alci iso zen – xfce4 changed into cinnamon

Display Manager Lxdm and minimalo

We have created an easy script to move to Lxdm Minimalo theme.



Display Manager lightdm and slickgreeter

We have created a script to go to Slickgreeter the easy way.




Adding two files about the Calamares installation in your /var/log folder.

  • Calamares.log
  • Calamares-install.json

More apps and a nice overview of ArcoLinux projects


Calamares – new packages

In between iso releases we keep adding packages to our repo. These new packages can be selected from the iso.

  • gnome-systemtools
  • qtwebflix-git
  • powerpill
  • pikaur-git
  • pacback
  • ookla-speedtest-bin
  • trizen
  • yt-dlp

These packages are always included – for transparancy reasons added to Calamares

  • paru-bin
  • yay-bin
  • flatpak
  • pamac-all
  • snapd
  • tlp

Calamares – preserve files

We have added a module to also preserve the calamares.json file after installation.

Another file to analyze the installation procedure next to the Calamares.log.


new display manager ly

Ly is a new display manager like gdm, lxdm, sddm and lightdm.

It is minimal by nature and has a terminal interface.

Consider Ly to be experimental


have fun with it

You can select Ly in Calamares.


Choose Nvidia at boot time and see Nvidia tab in Calamares.
Choose opensource or nomodeset and Nvidia tab will not be there.


Leftwm – new theme – db-scifi

Thanks Peter for this beautiful theme.


Bat is a fork from cat giving some more syntax functionality.



Trim functionality is not installed by default.

Enable it if you want it.

sudo systemctl enable fstrim.timer

Arch Linux tutorial XFS

From time to time – often after the release of a new iso on the first of the month – we install Arch Linux.

This time we tried another filesystem called XFS.

Remember to install xfsprogs as well.


Calamares 3.2.48  is used for this version.
More info on

mkinitcpio and zstd

We switch to zstd compression for mkinitcpio. Read more about mkinitcpio and the news about the switch.
We have waited long enough to be more backwards compatible with kernels.

More NVME support

A bug was submitted on the Arch Linux bug website to improve boot up and installation on nvme hardware.

Windows 11 – sidetracking

With the new Operating System release of Windows 11 and a new AMD laptop we explain the workflow to dualboot Windows 11 and ArcoLinux.

Probe link


arecolinux logout

Create your own ArcoLinux Logout icons/theme.


We created a short alias to set the resolution correct on vmware.


Behind the alias is this code:

sudo systemctl enable --now vmtoolsd.service



Calamares 3.2.47  is used for this version.
More info on



We updated Dusk. Plasma and Dusk can co-exist together now without any issues.

Possibly missing hardware messages

There is only one way of getting rid of these messages and that is by installing the packages.

The packages are often not needed at all but we did not want to see the messages anymore.

Too many users ask questions about it and Arch Linux will leave the messages as is.

Arc themes

We have updated our Arc themes to match the code on the github.

We rebuild our current colored themes and created a few more.

arcolinux-arc-themes-2021-creative-git (new package/code – new colors)

arcolinux-arc-themes-2021-git (new package/code – same color as arcolinux-arc-themes-git)

arcolinux-arc-themes-2021-sky-git (new package/code – sky = blueish)

arcolinux-arc-themes-git (old package – older code July 2020)

sudo pacman -S ...

Linux Mint sidetracking

If we can create Arc themes on Arch … can we create Arc themes on Debian? And more what ifs.

Playlist on Youtube


Calamares 3.2.46  is used for this version.
More info on