ArcoLinux Beta 21.11


Leftwm has now 16 themes – mesh – newest addition


Leftwm has 4 new themes – matrix – pi – parker – starwars

Dusk – fork from Dwm

It is interesting to see people create their own view on Dwm.

Dusk is all about choices and the freedom to apply them.

All credits to the developer :

All we have done is Arcofy the config. Mainly we changed the keybindings so we can navigate Dusk like any of our other 25 desktops.

You can install it with the ATT and remove it with the ADT.

We will not create an ArcoLinuxB Dusk as the only difference between Dwm and Dusk is one package called arcolinux-dusk-git.
We did create a tutorial to show the workflow behind creating ArcoLinuxB isos.


Install it with the tool provided by Leftwm.



Calamares  is used for this version.
More info on



We have added Leftwm to the collection of Tiling Window Managers.

ArcoLinux provides two themes. By default we have candy.
Smooth is an extra theme you can install.


We have created a new package.

Learning how to create packages on Arch Linux is easiest with wallpapers or icons. Nothing needs to be compiled. There are no dependencies etc…

arcolinux-wallpapers-candy-git can be installed

ArcoLinux Tweak Tool Leftwm

You can now install Leftwm via the ATT and remove it via the ADT.
ATT = ArcoLinux Tweak Tool
ADT = Arcolinux Desktop Trasher

ArcoLinux Tweak Tool Terminal Fun

We can easily switch each utility on or off and use lolcat if we want to.

Bash and Zsh are our default shells.

ArcoLinux Tweak Tool Privacy

We added a backup system to ATT for your /etc/hosts file. If you enable hblock, you can find a backup file in /etc/hosts.bak.att.

We have added a new alias to be used in a terminal as well called


Sometimes you just want to shutdown hblock for a few minutes.



will activate it again.

ArcoLinux Tweak Tool Mirrors

We have added Aarnet to the list of mirrors. Userbase located in or near Australia can benefit from the speed.


We have added a new application to our repo : rate-arch-mirrors-bin.
We use an alias to start it called :


It will create a new pacman mirrorlist in order to get the best Arch Linux servers for you.

Creating a new i3 theme – noclue

Creating a new i3 theme can be fun and creative.

It is not that hard.


Calamares 3.2.44  is used for this version.
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Calamares 3.2.43  is used for this version.
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Calamares 3.2.42  is used for this version.
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