Archiso 57-1

We have changed 3 files regarding network configurations.


New Calamares option

Calamares lets you now choose the filesystem when you erase your disk:

  • ext4
  • btrfs
  • jfs
  • f2fs
  • reiser
  • xfs


ArcoLinux Desktop Trasher

We give you a means to remove any desktop on your system.

The application contains a list of applications for every desktop. It uses groups as well as single packages.

Over time Arch Linux will change the content of groups or may remove packages.

The ArcoLinux Desktop Trasher is therefor over time an “attempt” to remove desktops.

You may have to remove single packages that are part of the desktop yourself.
We can not remove packages you installed extra.


Two options to remove a desktop

  1. The ArcoLinux Desktop Trasher will look a the content of /usr/share/xsessions and provide a list
  2. The ArcoLinux Desktop Trasher has a static list to select from

Calamares 3.2.40

Standard size for swapfile has changed from 512MB to 2GB.

New Calamares software catalogue

We have been steadily adding applications to our repos.

All the applications that are new can now be selected in Calamares.

50 new packages added


ArcoLinux Candy Beauty

Building upon the Beautyline and Candy icons we have completed them for the use on ArcoLinux.

All icons (on Xfce4) should be there.

ArcoLinux Logout theme sweet

We have created a matching logout theme called sweet.

ArcoLinuxS Lts

Because of tutorials on ALCI we decided to build an iso with linux-lts on board.
We keep the linux kernel as fail-safe. In ALCI we get rid of the linux kernel.


Nomodeset lines got extra parameters:

  • noapic
  • noacpi
  • nosplash
  • irqpoll

/personal folder

We have added the folder /personal to your iso. You can use it to add personal configs, setttings, packages, databases to your iso that you will build yourself via https://arcolinuxb.com tutorials.