ArcoLinux Beta 21.05


Nvidia script

Best is to launcht the Nvidia script sooner in Calamares to give users 100% freedom.

Termite is end of life

Termite was our central terminal emulator by far. We will now switch to urxvt.
Many packages will have to change in the coming weeks.

SYsinfo and sysinfo-retro

Sysinfo uses icons by default. Urxvt can not display them. So we renamed sysinfo to sysinfo-retro. It still has the icons and you can use this one for other terminals like xfce4-terminal.

In Urxvt we will use sysinfo (icons have been deleted).


Drivers and archiso

We discovered we forget to update the GPU drivers for all the B isos.

Archiso 53-1 has been incorparated at the same time.


Display manager script

Lightdm, Sddm or Lxdm will be activated by default.
Gdm will not as it breaks the system.

Installing Gnome and Budgie will install Gdm by default but it will not be activated.


Calamares and its configs

New Calamares version and all the configs to have different display managers and extra desktops.
Netinstall module will also use the URL from our github.


Calamares configs

ArcoLinux Calamares configs of ArcoLinux, ArcoLinux Next and Arcolinux X have been compared.
Arcolinux package lists have been compared as well.


Packages removed from and added to Flagship

We have removed Openbox and i3wm from the flagship iso since we can now install them via Calamares.


  • speedtest-cli
  • trizen
  • gsimplecal
  • screenkey-bin
  • geany
  • rofi
  • arcolinux-rofi-git
  • arcolinux-rofi-themes-git
  • openbox-arc-git
  • arcolinux-common-git
  • arcolinux-docs-git
  • arcolinux-geany-git
  • arcolinux-nitrogen-git
  • arcolinux-obmenu-generator-git
  • arcolinux-openbox-themes-git
  • arcolinux-polybar-git
  • arcolinux-tint2-git
  • arcolinux-tint2-themes-git
  • arcolinux-i3wm-git
  • arcolinux-openbox-git
  • arcolinux-config-git
  • arcolinux-dconf-git
  • picom
  • volumeicon
  • i3status
  • i3blocks
  • i3-gaps
  • autotiling
  • gtk2-perl
  • obkey
  • obmenu3
  • obmenu-generator
  • obconf
  • openbox
  • perl-linux-desktopfiles
  • tint2
  • xcape
  • openbox-themes-pambudi-git
  • lxappearance
  • lxappearance-obconf
  • lxrandr
  • xfburn


  • speedtest-cli-git
  • arcolinux-config-all-desktops-git
  • arcolinux-dconf-all-desktops-git
  • paru-bin
  • arcolinux-paru-git
  • ripgrep
  • arcolinux-gtk3-sardi-arc-git
  • arcolinux-variety-autostart-git
  • xf86-video-amdgpu
  • xf86-video-ati
  • xf86-video-fbdev
  • xf86-video-intel
  • xf86-video-nouveau
  • xf86-video-openchrome
  • xf86-video-vesa
  • xf86-video-vmware
  • nvidia
  • nvidia-utils
  • nvidia-settings

Created for the other isos


  • arcolinux-gtk3-surfn-arc-git
  • arcolinux-gtk3-surfn-arc-breeze-git
  • arcolinux-guake-autostart-git
  • arcolinux-volumeicon-git


Openbox menu

Lightdm is no longer our official display manager. Changing the menu to reflect SDDM.
Exo-preferred-appliciatons from Xfce4 does not exist anymore. It is replaced with an application.


Using the latest version to date.


ArcoLinux Flagship trims down

Openbox and i3 are no longer by default on the iso.

If you want Openbox and/or i3wm select them during Calamares installation

Calamares config

We have changed our Calamares configuration because we also want to give our ArcoLinux Flagship the possibility to add desktops from within Calamares.

You will be able to choose another display manager as well.

different approach to support NVIDIA driver

We have added the xf86-video drivers back to iso because of the added support for all graphical cards that need the Nvidia driver.

Nvidia 340 and 390 will have to be built after installation.

If you need the Nvidia driver, choose it in GRUB or UEFI

The other options will remove the Nvidia driver from the live environment and from your future system.


Calamares config

Calamares configuration changed to show that IF you want the latest Nvidia drivers you also need to install the latest kernel.

These packages shoud be updated together.


We have created a new meta package to install and use Samba.

An extra alias nsamba has been added to your .bashrc and .zshrc to edit /etc/samba/smb.conf.

sudo pacman -S arcolinux-meta-samba

More info here.


We have added the EndeavourOS package to our repository with their permission.

It is another way to get the best Arch Linux servers with the help of reflector.

It is a GUI that lets you select what countries you would like to select and more.

Other tools are our aliases

  • mirror
  • mirrors
  • mirrord
  • mirrora
  • mirrorx
  • mirrorxx
  • arcolinux-osbeck-as-mirror
  • arcolinux-get-mirrors
  • arcolinux-welcome-app

Archiso 52-1

Archiso is the package that creates the Arch Linux iso but also ours.

We evaluate what elements we add or keep.

The following packages have been added (source: releng from Archiso)

  • fatresize
  • sof-firmware
  • usbmuxd


New SDDM theme materia

We have added this theme to our repo which comes from the papirus team.

It is very well maintained and it just looks amazing, slick and professional.

sudo pacman -S arcolinux-sddm-materia-git

The advantage of making our own package and creating our own Github is that we are in control of the changes we like to implement.
The disadvantage is that we will have to look from time to time fordifferences from the original.

Duf application standard on all isos

During our file system evaluation we discovered that duf can give us a quick insight.


ArcoLinux March edition will not boot up on any Vmware machine (Linux and Windows tested).

We have had a script that activates a Vmware serviceĀ  to have a larger resolution than 800×600 pixels.

That script is out so you can boot up.

Build the iso now and you will be able to test it in Vmware.


Using Calamares

We can now add an URL to check the configurations of our netinstall modules.

Calamares will update to the latest yaml configuration it can find on github even when it was built months ago.


Xlunch is an app launcher that we are testing out in Awesome, Bspwm and i3wm.

The code is not applied. It is a keyboard shortcut that is now hashtagged out.

The application is not installed nor is its config.

sudo pacman -S xlunch-git
sudo pacman -S arcolinux-xlunch-git

Install and activate it if you wish to use it.


Alacritty is a terminal written in Rust. Check out the Arch wiki to learn about it.

The application is not installed nor is its config.

sudo pacman -S alacritty
sudo pacman -S arcolinux-alacritty-git

Install it and bind it with a keyboard combo to use it.


We have given the Carli project the last Calamares version. More info here.
Major change in Carli – moving away from using

Adding a netinstall list of packages from a third party.


We have given the ALCI project the latest Calamares version. More info here.
Adding a config from a third party is easy.

Reporting tools

Your .bashrc now contains more reporting tools.

By default we have neofetch.

But there is more in the world:

# reporting tools - install when not installed
# install neofetch
# install screenfetch
# install ufetch-git
# install ufetch-arco-git
# install arcolinux-paleofetch-git
# install alsi

Conky lazuli

We have added an extra line to see yesterday’s internet traffic volume.