ArcoLinux Beta 20.5


ArcoLinux Tweak Tool

When you use the ArcoLinuxD iso and you did not select arcolinux-termite-themes-git during Calamares installation, you will end up with a termite that is not transparent and has a light gray background.

If that is the case the ArcoLinux Tweak Tool will assist you to install our themes with the click of a button.

You will have our ArcoLinux theme and a transparent background.

It will also assist you when you are on Arch Linux.

    ArcoLinux Welcome

    Extra warning for ArcoLinux Tweak Tool.

    If you want to install the Budgie desktop make sure you uninstall catfish as it will conflict with zeitgeist and Budgie will not be installed.

    sudo pacman -R catfish

      Autotiling for i3

      We have added the following package to the ArcoLinux iso (Xfce, Openbox and i3) autiling. It will tile the windows in a smarter way. Now you will have quarters of a screen or one eight of a screen without extra keyboard shortcuts. Great tip from gr33n on Discord.

      The stay rolling users install it via

      sudo pacman -S autotiling

        ArcoLinux ISO

        We have removed the following packages from the ArcoLinux iso (Xfce, Openbox and i3)

        • arcolinux-oblogout
        • arcolinux-oblogout-themes
        • arcolinux-slim
        • arcolinux-slim-themes

        We will update the ArcoLinuxB isos next month. A script is present in ~/.bin/stay-rolling to remove them now.


        ArcoLinux BetterLockScreen

        ArcoLinux Betterlockscreen has a default button to go back to the default path in /usr/share/backgrounds/arcolinux.

        ArcoLinux Logout

        ArcoLinux Logout has a different format of clock.
        If you want these settings, you will have to delete the ~/config/arcologout folder.

        Fun script: monster

        ArcoLinuxB LXQT

        Lxqt will use arcolinux-logout on the keyboard shortcuts Super + X, CTRL + ALT + K and CTRL + ALT + L
        Xscreensaver is moved to SUPER + K and SUPER + L

        Calamares config improved for ArcoLinux and ArcoLinuxB

        We have created a new Calamares config to separate the applications for

        • filemanagers
        • terminals
        • graphics

        ArcoLinuxB isos

        The folowing packages have been removed from all ArcoLinuxB isos

        • dmidecode
        • lshw



        The package arcolinux-logout-git has been added to the packages list.

        We will move away from oblogout and slimlock.


         to get the fastest Arch Linux servers on iso and on harddisk

        During the Calamares installation we will make sure you have the fastest Arch Linux.

        The objective is to get fast downloads during installation. ArcoLinuxD is basically a netinstaller. The other isos will also benefit.

        Every time you reboot your computer it will automatically refresh the mirrorlist in the background.

        The more you select to install, the longer it will take. That goes without saying.

        Awesome update code + new theme Blackburn

        When checking for update in code and theme we kinda fell in love with this theme Blackburn.

        As a result we have one theme more. This has 5 workspaces as standard.

        You can change the themes with the ArcoLinux Tweak Tool.

        New Glava config package

        Glava makes it possible to visualize music on top of your desktop with bars , circles, waves etc.

        We created this config package for it. So use skel to get the config in your home directory.

        sudo pacman -S arcolinux-glava-config-git

        Type glava in the terminal to launch it.

        Depending on the desktop you are on it will show in a window or in bars on your desktop IF you play some music. Turn the volume up.

        New plasma login wallpaper

        Choose a new wallpaper so the login to the left would blend in more with the background.

        69  transparent termite themes

        We have created 69 termite themes – they are all transparent.

        You can select them with our ArcoLinux Tweak Tool.

        i3wm has now 20 themes

        You can change the i3 themes from ArcoLinux Tweak Tool.

        We have created a tutorial how to create your own theme.

        ArcoLinux Tweak Tool – Zsh

        Work in progress – we are working on an easy way to set your zshrc to a specific theme from oh-my-zsh or we choose to set it to random themes.

        This is the jonathan theme.

        The Zsh tab will show up IF you are on zsh.

        We have 2 aliases to switch our shell.


        to bash

        Switch from oblogout and slimlock to arcolinux-logout

        The inability to build oblogout a few weeks back, due to pygtk dependency we were not able to fulfill, made us dream about our own solution to be able to logout, lock, reboot, suspend, hibernate and shutdown.

        Brad took it upon himself to write arcolinux-logout.

        We will use this already on the following desktops:

        • awesome
        • bspwm
        • jwm
        • i3wm
        • herbstlufwm
        • openbox
        • qtile
        • xfce
        • xmonad

        The app is in full development. The packages of all these desktops are still in test repo. We will communicate about it after the launch when everything is ready to make the switch.

        You will need the new app arcolinux-logout-git.

        You will be able to change transparency, change color of icons, change lock screen and much more. That is for a later article.

        Because of this switch we are adapting our desktops to follow. Some of the keyboard shortcuts had to go. Now we have a more uniform coding over 16 desktops.

        Qtile update to 0.15.0-1

        The new version of Qtile made our Qtile desktop crash. Thanks to Marco it was fixed in the same day.

        Warnings and communication usually go out on the two main social media

        • facebook
        • discord

        It is important to join us there and avoid frustrations.

        Lxqt tutorials

        We have written 8 LXQt articles on

        Following topics were covered:

        • how to theme LXQt
        • changing the look of the panel
        • changing desktop preferences
        • how to autostart applications
        • how to set our dualscreen
        • adding compton to LXQt
        • using conkies

        ArcoLinuxB Qtile and Deepin

        All ArcoLinuxB isos will boot into the desktop of choice

        Qtile and Deepin were the two isos we were not booting up into their own desktop yet. Now you will see what you will install.

        Calamares 3.2.22

        Calamares is our graphical installer. We use now version 3.2.22. You can read more about this version on the github of Calamares.

        We are trying out  an extra safety measure in order to avoid the umount error that occurs sometimes at the end of our installation.

        We have also more support for Japanese language. We rebuild ArcoLinux and ArcoLinuxD to have Japanese support on Calamares.

        Branding is brought to a minimal. Images for all the desktops have been deleted.

        Arcolinuxb LXQt

        Only LXQt will have the new Calamares installer that released on 08/04/2020. A few hours ago in my perspective.

        After creating many tutorials for LXQt  on I saw opportunities to improve this desktop even more.

        Compton has changed to Picom and all files have been changed accordingly.

        The following keyboard shortcuts have been added:

        • music keyboard keys – stop, previous, play-pause, next
        • Ctrl + Alt + m – configuration of LXQt
        • Super + P – screen display

        Removed screengrab and lximage-qt and replaced them with xfce4-screenshooter, gnome-screenshot and nomacs. They proved to be better screenshot tools.