ArcoLinux Beta 20.11


ArcoLinux Tellme

Looking for new fun scripts I came across a github that enhances cowsay with images. We created a new package that you can install. It will not be on our isos.

sudo pacman -S arcolinux-tellme-git

I have used this project to explain how you can create your own package starting from an idea.

Every time you type ‘arcolinux-tellme’ a random image will come with a random fortune.

If you want to pick a ‘cow’ from the long list in /usr/share/cows then type

cowsay -f leia type-your-text-here


cowsay -f dalek $(fortune)

Whatever you create here, you can save it in your .bash-personal as an alias and play with it.

There are lots of cows.

563 cows to be exact (for now)

Pamac-aur and the missing icons

We have added an automated fix to ArcoLinux. Whenever a new archlinux-appstream-data is released, ArcoLinux will automatically correct the issue.

Calamares configuration and iso configuration

We have created a new Calamares configuration to be more versatile when changes occurr. The scripts to build the iso have been changed accordingly.



Calamares gives you compatibility with the new kpmcore that was released.

More info.

Removed packages

We have removed Evolution from the flagship iso. 5o megabytes less on your iso, 150 megabytes less on our ssd and several systemd services gone.

Calamares 3.2.32

Calamares 3.2.32 gives more information to the user when using one of our modules shellprocess.

More info.


Bashrc – big

We have added the alias big to the .bashrc.

It provides you a list of the biggest packages.

Bashrc – downgrada

You can now downgrade packages that come from our 3th party repo. Those are packages coming from AUR. Downgrade does not support AUR.

Instead of downgrade with an e you can now also downgrada with an a (a from ArcoLinux) and you can go back a few version until the package works again for you. See it as extra failsafe.

We are working together with the developers of downgrade to make it possible to use downgrade in the future and include our repo in the future.

Bashrc – probe

In order to solve hardware, software and configuration issues we have now a new alias that provides an overview of your system and puts it online with a easy to read structure. We hope it will help us analyze your issue. Getting errors then you are missing packages. Run the keep rolling script in .bin/stay-rolling/2020/20.09-to-20.11/

Example :

Probe URL:


We added a new keyboard shortcut to the Xfce desktop.

ALT + F1 will open the Xfce menu. Just like on Plasma.

ArcoLinux Welcome App

Exploring tiling window managers can be daunting at first. When you install your choice of desktop you should already know you can close windows and apps with CTRL + Q.

We have added a button to facilitate the closing of the ArcoLinux Welcome Application with the button Quit.

Calamares configuration

Gitahead-bin is crucial in our workflow. We added it to the last module coremembers and betatesters user during Calamares installation i.e. ArcoLinux-Dev.



Calamares 3.2.31 gives us more information in the slider and will add the functionality to have a swap file rather than a swap partition.

More info.

TWM and Super + Shift +X

Super + Shift + X was present to instantly shutdown the desktop. Any and all windows would be closed and you would logout of the desktop.

That became a bit frustrating as we typed the shortcut by accident.

We have kept the shortcut in the configs but it is no longer active.

Logging out is done via Super + X on all desktops.


Archiso 48

We follow the folder and files provided by the package archiso and change our files accordingly.
More info can be found in the Carli 9 videos.


Archiso 47

We follow the folder and files provided by the package archiso and change our files accordingly.
More info can be found in the Carli 9 videos.


archiso 47

We follow the folder and files provided by the package archiso and change our files accordingly. Still using customize_airootfs.
More info can be found in the Carli 9 videos.


ArcoLinux supports Vmware now

The resolution was not ideal when you installed ArcoLinux in a Vmware machine. You can now use the exact dimension of your screen e.g. 1920×1080 pixels.

CTRL + ALT +ENTER switches between full screen and smaller screen or use the full screen button in the menu.

Image is from Windows, Vmware workstation Pro 15.5.5. Also tested on ArcoLinux with Vmware Workstation 16.0.0 Pro.


ArcoLinuxD adding icewm to Calamares config

We can now install Icewm from the Calamares application.

Get the keys in from our coreteam

This workyear ’20-’21 our coreteam will be making ISOs, making packages and signing them with their own keys.

Update your system now before the packages are released to avoid pacman errors.

How do you get the keys in?

Just update your system now.

How do you check if you got the keys?

sudo pacman-key --list-keys

If you are too late and pacman gives you a key error, then we have a post for you on arcolinuxforum to get the keys in.

Betterlockscreen update causes transparency in lockscreen on xfce

We have updated the arcolinux-xfce-git package to ensure that the lockscreen is not transparent.