ArcoLinux acquires high speed data server

January 2019 will be remembered as an important month. We have decided to buy a shared data server with high speed and enough disk space. Seedhost is the company, where we are hosting our repositories and isos. Seedhost in turn is using the datacenters from Leaseweb from Holland, Europe.

We are very much pleased with the reliability and the speed of these servers.

If you visit this link

you will see that there are folders for

  • our repositories
  • beta-isos
  • official released isos

Sourceforge will still be our primary source to download the isos.

If Sourceforge works for you, we ask you to keep using it.

This will ensure that we have enough bandwidth for the people that have now a very slow download speed on Sourceforge.

When you update your ArcoLinux, the package arcolinux-mirrorlist-git will automatically switch you to our new datacenter and all downloads will come from there.

So keep rolling and thanks for supporting our ArcoLinux Project.

As of now anyone can download our beta-isos