ArchMergeD Kirk Release 6.3

Release date 01/01/2018

What is new

Calamares got a new logo to promote the calamares installer. The Calamares developers have been very helpful in figuring out issues with the installer.

Pacaur has been abandoned so we removed it from the iso leaving yaourt and packer.

Pacman.conf has a repo-testing included now.

SigLevel = Required DatabaseOptional
Server =$arch




We created ArchMergeD-Cinnamon in the month December 2017.
You can take it for a spin right now.

More info here.

Current status of Desktop Environment scripts

Today you can install the following desktop environments

  • Xfce with 19 articles and 25 Youtube videos
  • Openbox with 10 articles and 36 Youtube videos
  • i3wm with 25 articles with 97 Youtube videos
  • Budgie with 17 articles with 30 Youtube videos
  • Cinnamon with 16 articles with 16 Youtube videos

On you will find many articles on Xfce, Openbox and i3 as well. Not just on

Phase 2

  • Xfce –
  • Openbox –
  • i3 –

Phase 3

  • Budgie –
  • Cinnamon –

Awesome is in beta