ArchMergeD Kirk Release 6.2

Release date 1st December 2017

What is new

ArchMergeD follows the development and the improvements from ArchMerge and vice versa. With two isos we can test settings and do a comparitive study. Keep what we like and discard what did not work.

Calamares has been restyled. New pictures and layout to show you the incredible possibilities of ArchMergeD.

Touchpad has been improved.

More hardware support build into the iso.

Installation scripts for I3wm and xfce. They improve constantly.

One iso to install Any Desktop Environment.

Today you can install the following desktop environments

  • Budgie with 17 articles with 27 Youtube videos
  • i3wm with 25 articles with 35 Youtube videos
  • Xfce with 19 articles and 25 Youtube videos

We Develop, we Document, … you decide the desktop.

In the pipeline are

  • Openbox
  • Cinnamon
  • Awesome