ArchMergeD Kirk Release 6.1

Release date 1st November 2017

What is new

This is actually the first release of ArchMergeD.

So everything is new.

We have listened to numerous social media channels, youtubers, forum members, …

Some linux users tend to go for a minimal iso and just install what they want/need. Nothing more. The fewer packages in pacman, the happier they will be.

The iso of ArchMerge will never satisfy them. They will always feel the iso of ArchMerge is too big in size, too many browsers, too many icons, too many themes, etc…    

ArchMergeD is the solution.

Under 3 minutes you will have an Arch Linux base installation.

The hard core Arch users will not use ArchMergeD and move directly to Phase 4, a vanilla Arch Linux installation.
If you have the technical knowledge to do so, please follow this tutorial and you can skip Phase 2 and 3.

Until we have enough linux skills, you can stay into Phase 2 and 3 and use ArchMergeD to quickly install an Arch base.

ArchMerge and ArchMergeD are interlinked with their iso.
In ArchMergeD we have left out all applications. There will be no desktop environment, no icons, no themes, no conkys, …  

We will provide you with all the tools for your display, network and some convenience tools like git, mousepad, termite, bash-completion, …

Then it is up to you to install Xfce, Openbox and i3. This will bring us in Phase 2 of our learning path.  

If you want you can go straight to Phase 3 and install      

Or even more.