ArchMerge will get a stripped down version called ArchMergeD

In our vision to share our knowledge with you we foresee to deliver you an ArchMerge version called


ArchMergeD will still have a graphical installation.

ArchMerge will be stripped down to the bare essence. It is up to you then to install a desktop of your choice


  • Xfce
  • Openbox
  • i3


All these tutorials will be hosted on We will make the steps together.


It will not include


  • desktop packages (Xfce, openbox or i3)
  • applications like browsers, editors, music players,…
  • no sound
  • no bluetooth
  • no printers
  • no file manager
  • ..


It will include


  • Arch Linux base system
  • standard archiso packages
  • Xorg packages
  • virtualbox packages
  • network packages
  • ..


Work in progress – so things may be different in a few weeks time.


Delivery : 1st November 2017