ArchMerge Kirk Release 6.4

POLYBAR has been launched
Polybar has been launched and added to the long list of ArchMerge packages.


This package contains the latest polybar config for your system. Now primed for i3 and openbox. In the future we will add more desktop environments like bspwm, xmonad, herbstluftwm that can benefit as well from a panel.

The package update will be done in /etc/skel. You decide if you want to update with meld or not. The polybar config is in ~/.config/polybar.

You will find lots of tutorials about polybar on

Openbox example

I3 example

SAMBA & co
Added a better configuration to easily open shared folders on an Apple system from insideĀ  your filemanager.
Added software

  • No new packages

Removed software

  • snapd gave us installation issues
  • calamares –hardware clock issue should be fixed
  • conky-lua-archers
  • grub-customizer
  • i3-gaps-next
  • oomox-git
  • python2-pyparted
  • timeshift
  • vivaldi and its codec
  • Sardi icons
  • Surfn icons

We created 2 new complete Arc Themes including the oblogout icons.

Hibiscus and Tory

They can be applied to all 3 desktops.

  • Lts kernel script made executable and rewrite of code in ~/.config/openbox/scripts
  • change lock icon for menu with icons
Polybar is fully integrated in i3.
Better code to start up polybar.